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Phoenix DUI Charges – 5 Things You Need to Do!
  1. First, and the most important, if you have been arrested for a DUI DWI or drunk driving charges in Phoenix AZ or surrounding East Valley cities in Maricopa County, you should call the DUI defense Law Office of James Novak at (480) 413-1499. Any DUI charge is serious in Arizona. Arizona DUI laws are strict and harsh, with many undeserved punishments. Current, law mandates that any person convicted of DUI, even a first time misdemeanor charge do time in jail. James Novak, DUI DWI and AZ criminal defense lawyer will provide you with a free initial consultation regarding your charges and defense options.

  2. Next, review your complaint. This is the charging document that you received from police when you were arrested for Phoenix DUI in Arizona. This is a very important document that you will need to reference when you consult an AZ defense attorney. It contains information regarding your charges and future court dates. Your Phoenix defense lawyer will review it with you either by phone or in office and get specific facts needed to help you and defend you upon retention.

  3. Locate the instructions on the complaint regarding your court date, time and location. Your court location is usually in the same city that you were stopped for your Arizona DUI. However, this could be different than Phoenix. If you were stopped by a Phoenix DUI Task force, or Arizona DUI sobriety checkpoint, and arrested for DUI, the court could be set in a different Arizona city. Therefore, verify if the location of the court you need to appear in. This could be Phoenix Municipal Court, Tempe Court. Gilbert Court, Scottsdale Court, Mesa Court, Chandler Arizona Court or other Arizona Court.

  4. If your have not hired a private practice Phoenix DUI Attorney or other Arizona DUI lawyer, you will need to appear for your scheduled court date, and on time. If you fail to appear for court as instructed on your complaint document, the Judge in that court will issue a “Bench Warrant” for you to be arrested. If you have hired a private practice criminal defense or DUI lawyer in Arizona, they may be able to either appear on your behalf, or make other legal arrangements so that you will not have to appear on that court date. Make sure you understand any alternative arrangements that have been made.

  5. Protect your rights, future and freedom. Retain James Novak, experienced AZ DUI and criminal defense lawyer defend you and challenge your DUI evidence and charges. It is unwise to go through the Arizona Criminal Justice system unrepresented by an experienced AZ DUI defense attorney. The court system is complicated and can be overwhelming. If you are not represented by a DUI Attorney, the court will not show leniency for you. You will be held to the same protocol, procedural guidelines and time-lines for your defense as would any DUI Attorney. Further, the laws are strict, and constantly changing. An experienced DUI lawyer in Arizona defends cases on a daily basis and will up to date on the laws. The best DUI defense attorneys will gather and examine evidence; tailor and build a strong defense on your behalf; present compelling arguments to educate the court and prosecution regarding your defense. Any DUI can be challenged. Roughly 97% to 98% of DUI cases never have to go to trial. Many of those DUI charges are dismissed completely or reduced to lesser charges with less severe punishments and less negative impact on your like than a DUI conviction.

When you are someone you care about is facing impaired driving charges it is important to retain an experienced and effective DUI defense attorney. James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak , former prosecutor will protect your rights and defend your charges. You will need a strong legal advocate on your side to be your voice in the legal system, and fight for you. James Novak, DUI attorney has proven results in defending clients throughout Maricopa County for their impaired driving charges. Call today for a free initial consultation (480) 413-1499 or complete a contact form on this website.

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