Lawyer and Defense for Aggravated Assault Charges in Arizona

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Aggravated assault is a serious felony crime, and if you’re convicted, you’ll typically face a lengthy jail sentence. However, being charged with a crime is not the same thing as being convicted – it’s the government’s job to prove you committed the crime beyond a reasonable doubt…if it can. And that is where the Law Office of James E. Novak comes in. Our dedicated Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer has decades of experience aggressively defending the rights of our clients charged with serious violent crimes, including aggravated assault.

Punishments for Aggravated Assault in Arizona

Aggravated assault is taken very seriously by Arizona judges and lawmakers. While there are various types of aggravated assaults, all are considered felony offenses. The least serious aggravated assault crime will result in a Class 6 felony conviction, carrying a typical jail sentence somewhere between 6 and 18 months. The most serious type of aggravated assault involves causing serious physical injury or using a deadly weapon to assault a minor, which is classified as a Class 2 felony, punishable by a presumptive prison sentence of five years. However, this assumes you don’t have a prior felony conviction; if you do, the sentence you face could be significantly longer.

Why You Need a Lawyer and Defense for Aggravated Assault Charges in Arizona

If you or someone you know is facing assault charges in Phoenix, having an experienced assault defense lawyer by your side is crucial. First, understanding the law isn't easy, and assault charges can be especially complex. A seasoned lawyer has the knowledge and experience to navigate through the court system, which can be really intimidating if you're going through it for the first time. They know the ins and outs of the law and can help explain everything to you in a way that makes sense.

An experienced lawyer can also spot details in your case that might completely change the outcome. Maybe there's evidence that was overlooked, or perhaps the circumstances surrounding the incident don't actually fit the legal definition of assault. Your lawyer will work hard to uncover these details and use them to build a strong defense for you.

Additionally, your lawyer's experience in negotiating can make a big difference. Often, cases are settled outside of court, and a skilled negotiator can work towards a resolution that avoids a trial, which can be lengthy and stressful. They might be able to reduce your charges, lessen your penalties, or even get your case dismissed altogether.

Lastly, facing assault charges can be stressful and scary. At the Law Office of James E. Novak, our experienced Phoenix assault defense lawyer isn't just a legal advocate; he’s someone who stands by your side, offering support and understanding throughout the process. We’re here to ensure that you’re not just seen as a case number but as a person who deserves a fair shot.

So, don’t wait. Choosing the right lawyer can significantly impact the outcome of your case and, ultimately, your future. When you’re ready, reach out to the Law Office of James E. Novak to schedule a free consultation.

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If you were recently arrested and charged with a violent crime, such as aggravated assault, it is imperative that you have an experienced attorney by your side to defend your rights. At the Law Office of James E. Novak, our Phoenix aggravated assault lawyer has more than two decades of hands-on experience defending clients charged with serious violent crimes. We understand the best aggravated assault defenses and how to use them to obtain the best possible result in your case. To learn more, and to schedule a free consultation today, call the Law Office of James E. Novak at 480-413-1499. You can also reach us through our secure online contact form.