James Novak of Law Office of James Novak Receives “2014 Client’s Choice Award” for DUI Defense

James Novak is proud to announce that on October 15, 2014 James Novak, of the Law Office of James E. Novak PLLC, was awarded the “2014 Client’s Choice Award” by AVVO, for his excellence in service to his clients for DUI and criminal defense in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe AZ.

AVVO is a nationally recognized legal resource website that contains more than 95 percent of practicing lawyers on its directory. In addition to legal resources and education provided by participating attorneys on their website, they provide profiles of each attorney.

Each profile contains a rating and review section. James Novak, DUI and criminal defense attorney has been rated “Superb”. The ratings are calculated using a formula that includes factors such as law practice experience, client reviews, peer/attorney endorsements, industry awards and recognition, client case results, legal guides, legal publications, advance education and degrees, public speaking engagements, and contributions that the attorney has made to provide legal answers to questions posted by AVVO users in need of information regarding a DUI or criminal matter.

The purpose of these AVVO profiles is to help visitors to the website, make informed and educated choices when they are making a decision of which attorney they wish to hire to represent them in their case.

Client’s Choice Award

When an attorney has received a specified amount of reviews with a perfect 5 star rating during a one year time span, that attorney will be recognized with the AVVO “Client’s Choice Award”.

James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak extend his most sincere thanks to each and every client who submitted a testimonial, and let you know how much we appreciate the opportunity to represent you in your DUI or criminal matter.

Client Review Illustrations: James Novak of The Law Office of James Novak, PLLC

James Novak understands that a DUI or criminal arrest is an overwhelming ordeal, and that choosing the best attorney to represent you is a critical decision. It could very well be the difference between a criminal conviction with jail or prison sentencing and life-long adverse impacts verses a dismissal or acquittal of the charges.

James Novak is grateful for all reviews provided by clients and feels that these testimonials will help others make decisions about hiring the most effective and proven attorney possible for their matter.

Here are some recent review excerpts and Attorney James Novak received in 2014 from clients he represented for DUI and criminal charges:

  • “James Novak saved my life and that of my family. If I had hired a lesser lawyer, I wouldn't have gotten the quality of representation that I did. A conviction would have cost me my job, my home, my ability to find work, and most likely my family and their quality of life. Mr. Novak was able to prove my innocence.”

  • “James Novak is an excellent, knowledgeable and caring attorney. I was in the depth of despair when I first met with him. I had no prior criminal history. I was looking at jail time and the ruin of my life as I know it. Mr. Novak met many times with the prosecutor and was able to negotiate a a diversion program for me which upon successful completion will result in dismissal of the charges. He kept me informed of each step. I would without reservation recommend Mr. Novak to anyone finding themselves in need of a criminal attorney.”

  • “Hiring James Novak was definitely the best decision I made after my charge, what's more is that he offered me a low pressure no obligation assessment of the case which made me feel even more confident that he was going to be able to assist. Mr. Novak was able to obtain the best available outcome to the situation that may not have been attainable had I decided to represent myself.”

  • “James Novak has presented me in 2 cases over the last few years. He is a professional lawyer with a personal touch. He is sincere with his intentions to help you receive a fair and honest defense. His lines of communication are open 24/7 and he is willing to answer any questions you have at any time. When you need to contact James, he always answers your calls personally. He is always energetic and swift when it comes to options and decisions. You can tell he does EVERYTHING he can to help resolve your case as soon as possible. I had no criminal history and could’ve faced serious jail time with my charges. However, James strived to do everything he could and made his #1 priority my freedom and my future. Hiring James clearly changed my life. I would highly recommend James Novak for any defense no matter how big or small.”

Law Office of James Novak: Our Commitment to Excellence in Legal Representation

James Novak, experienced DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney, is dedicated to providing superior client representation at an affordable price for clients who face DUI charges. Attorney, James Novak is a former Maricopa County Prosecutor with a great deal of trial and litigation experience. He has been practicing for nearly 17 years, and for the past 14 years has exclusively defended DUI and criminal cases. If retained he will defend your charges and protect your rights. Whether your case involves a Misdemeanor or Felony, James Novak is committed to providing a solid and effective defense.

James Novak provides an affordable and exclusive defense for charges in Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert and Scottsdale Arizona. If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, consult James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak for a free initial consultation at (480) 413-1499.