Pre-Charge Representation

Arizona Pre-CHARGE Representation

Phoenix Pre-Charge Legal Representation While Under Investigation

Before indictment, while under investigation stage of the process is the best time to consult and hire an Arizona criminal defense attorney in greater Phoenix, Arizona. If you are under investigation and about to be questioned before indictment, by a law enforcement official in Arizona, you must make sure you are defended. Sometimes, if you obtain legal representation in your defense, the criminal charges are thwarted completely. Retaining Criminal Defense at that point, builds a barrier between you and the prosecution. James Novak will be your legal wall between you and the state to keep your constitutional rights from being violated, and reduce your chances of unintentional self incrimination. In other words, he will keep you from you saying or doing something that the state will hold against you later.

Remember, the prosecution and police are doing everything in their power to build a case against you. You need legal representation to make sure the state does not twist your words around only to be used against you. You need an experienced Arizona criminal attorney to take control and proactively defend you. Pre-indictment investigations are conducted just prior to the police contacting you, or it could be after they have attempted to talk to you. At this point, no formal criminal charges have been filed, and you have not yet been arrested. Again the state is usually just trying to build or strengthen its’ case against you. They will usually be very nice, and make it sound they have just a few simple questions to clear things up, or will say something that will cause you let down your guard. Don’t speak with them before you consult an experienced Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney. You have the right to remain silent—use it. During this phase before indictment, James Novak, criminal defense attorney can help you and will do everything possible to accomplish the following:

  • Prevent filing of charges.
  • Reduce charges.
  • Assist with surrender and avoid arrest.
  • Divert allegations into an informal resolution.
  • Contacting the detective and notifying the investigator that you are being legally represented and all communications with you, should be take place through the attorney
  • Scheduling for a polygraph or a risk-assessment on a confidential basis, where the results of such exams would not be revealed to the prosecution or investigator, unless helpful to you. This may help to exonerate you as a target of an investigation;
  • Inform the Court you wish to present exculpatory evidence and testimony to the Grand Jury should the State choose to pursue indictment.
  • Refuse speaking with the police or investigators
  • Request an attorney to be present when speaking with police
  • Have your attorney speak with the police or investigators
  • Enforce your constitutional rights

This list is not exhaustive, but gives you an understanding of what an experienced Arizona criminal attorney, like James Novak can do to help you during this crucial time. There are many occasions when our representation before the indictment has resulted in convincing the police or prosecution not to file charges against our clients at all. You may have reason to believe that you are under investigation for possible criminal activity. An Arizona police officer may contact you and try to get information before indictment. In this type of situation, it is critical that you retain an experienced criminal attorney can to critical in helping you protect yourself and your Constitutional rights.


If you are worried about what is happening, then you probably need an attorney. Even if only for a free consultation, an attorney can help by providing information on steps you may take to possibly avoid criminal charges.

To provide immediate help if you are under investigation for an Arizona Pre-Charged criminal investigation. Contact Phoenix Pre-indictment Criminal Defense Attorney James Novak today to discuss your situation and receive your Free consultation.His office is located conveniently in Tempe, Arizona right off of US 60 and Rural Road cross streets. The Law Office of James Novak defends criminal cases valley-wide in municipal and state courts in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa and the surrounding areas or Arizona, Valley-wide. If you need a Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense attorney, please visit this website Contact page and contact him at (480) 413-1499.