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First Offense DUI, DWI, Drunk Driving Laws in Arizona

A first DUI offense in Arizona that is non-extreme, with no aggravating factors is classified as a Misdemeanor. However, just because it is the first Arizona DUI or first DUI anywhere else, does not reduce the severity or negative impact on your life. You have heard by now, that Arizona DUI laws and punishment are some of the harshest in the Country. Your arrest was the beginning of the criminal justice process. You will need the representation of an experienced AZ DUI Lawyer if you wish to have any chance at a dismissal of your DUI charges.

DUI, DWI, Drunk Driving Penalties for First DUI Offense

The current Arizona Law requires mandatory jail time for any Arizona DUI conviction.

Even a first DUI * Ref: A.R.S. 28-1381. Also, current law does not allow for deferral or deletion of this portion of the sentencing if convicted. Further, current law does not allow for the defendant to choose community service as an alternative to jail time. If this if your first DUI offense in Arizona, the law does not give the Judge discretionary authority to for go jail time or other harsh mandated AZ DUI penalties. All courts in Maricopa County including Phoenix City Court, Tempe City Court, Mesa Court, Gilbert Court, Chandler Court and Scottsdale court must comply with Arizona’s tough mandatory guidelines.

The good news is that if indeed it is your first DUI in Arizona or anywhere else, with no aggravating factors, and you have a clear criminal record, your punishments and jail time are not as harsh as a felony DUI or aggravated DUI.

First DUI Criminal Defense

Your best chance of getting a First DUI, DUI, DWI and drunk driving charges in Arizona dismissed is to hire a private practice AZ criminal defense or AZ DUI attorney who defends DUI charges in Arizona on a regular basis. If your charges are in Maricopa County, you will want to hire an experienced DUI lawyer like James Novak to defend you. He is an experienced DUI trial lawyer and former prosecutor for DUI and criminal charges in Arizona. More importantly, the Law Office of James Novak provides 100% exclusive criminal defense. If retained, James Novak will immediately contact the Court and prosecution and begin fighting for your Arizona DUI defense. He will gather and examine all evidence; look for exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor; determine the best defense strategy; tailor and build a strong DUI defense based on the facts of your case; educate the court and present compelling arguments on your behalf. All this will be done in an effort to get your DUI charges reduced, dismissed, or the otherwise most favorable outcome possible in your case.

If you are facing your First DUI, DWI or drunk driving Offense in Maricopa County call now for your FREE Initial consultation! Let James Novak Defend Your Charges. The Key to a winning AZ DUI defense is “Early Retention”. The Law Office of James Novak’s is Committed to Helping You with Your DUI Arrest and Defending Your First DUI, DWI or Drunk Driving Charges. Call Now For Your Free Consultation (480) 413-1499!