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DRUNK DRIVING ATTORNEY- 100% DUI & CRIMINAL DEFENSE7 Facts You Need to Know to Help You Hire the Best Drunk Driving Lawyer to Defend Your DUI!

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Hiring a private practice drunk driving lawyer to defend your DUI in Arizona can be an emotional and exhaustive task, especially if you have never needed to hire an AZ criminal defense attorney or DUI lawyer before. You want to increase your chances of getting your Arizona DUI dismissed. But especially during difficult economic times you want to make sure you are not paying “too much” needlessly for your defense. The following are questions, and factors you need to consider before making your final decision:

1. This question is twofold (a). Is the person you originally speak with a DUI attorney, Legal Assistant, or Professional screener or intake personnel? (b) Is this person answering your questions going to represent you for your DUI or Criminal Charges in court?
It is critical that you meet and communicate with the Criminal Defense or DUI Attorney who will be defending you. Many clients see the actual defense attorney for the first time at their court appearance. To let you in on a secret: Many Law Firms ask their legal support staff to take a picture or copy of the client’s license…so they will recognize who their client is when they walk into court for the first time! Ask yourself if that is what you want. That attorney may be showing up and done nothing between the time you hired and your court appearance in building and preparing for your defense. You want to speak with the Attorney at the very beginning, and your want them to proactively begin working on building a defense for your AZ criminal or DUI Charges. You need to be able to trust that challenging your DUI or criminal charges is as much a priority to your Attorney as you. A display of should start immediately following your retention of that attorney.

2. Does the Law Firm or Attorney you consult practice DUI and Criminal Defense exclusively or does he or she practice in a variety of areas?
Decades ago multi-practice attorneys were known as “family attorneys” or “general lawyers”. Perhaps there are a few good attorneys competent in a multitude of areas. But amidst our increasingly litigious society; rampant evolving laws and law suites, new case laws; and constantly changing and turbulent Federal and State laws and legislation; it is rare, that a single attorney or lawyer can excel and remain up to date in all the areas they claim to practice. .

Arizona Criminal & DUI defense are extremely evolving and difficult areas of practice to keep up to date, unless the AZ criminal defense – DUI defense Attorney practice in this area exclusively. Further you want to make sure they have plenty of trial experience and have hundreds or thousands of court time hours behind them. You can expect a good Arizona DUI lawyer to be extremely knowledgeable about AZ DUI laws; and familiar with the court, prosecution and judges in the court where your case will be processed. This greatly increases your chances of getting a case dismissal or more favorable outcome verses a conviction with maximum penalties.

3. Is the Arizona DUI Lawyer a former Arizona Criminal & DUI Prosecutor?
If so, this is a plus for your defense. It is so important that many criminal defense and DUI lawyers will include this in their marketing or advertisement materials. Most AZ Former Prosecutor have better insight of how the State reviews, processes and makes its decisions on DUI & criminal cases. A former prosecutor understands how the police conducts its criminal observations, performs its arrests, and writes its police reports. They know the other side’s rule book, the players and what can and can not be done, especially when it involves plea negotiations in your favor. So when you are shopping for an Arizona DUI lawyer, add this to your list of questions. You should not be calling “just for general information”. It should be a two way communication. You are interviewing them for a job, and you are the employer. Then the defense attorney ultimately will decide if they want the job.

4. Does the lawyer defend criminal and DUI charges in the Jurisdiction, county, or city for which you are scheduled to appear and if so, how often?
When considering hiring an attorney for your DUI case, ask if they have experience in the particular court your Arizona DUI charges were filed. Although Arizona DUI laws and penalties apply statewide, each court and the prosecution assigned to that court have different practices, polices, court standards, judges and prosecutors. If your DUI lawyer’s is very familiar, you will have a defense advantage. In fact, it significantly affects the outcome of your case.

5. Experience Matters!
It does not matter if the defense attorney graduated with honors from a well known legal college, if he or she has little experience in the court room and on the firing line. And not just days, weeks, months but years and decades. You want an experienced Arizona DUI lawyer to fight for your future and freedom. Extremely experienced attorneys will sometimes write books, editorials, formal opinions, or create video libraries on DUI and Criminal Defense. Ask them if they have done any of this and where you might go to review their work. Look for reviews and ratings on the internet about this firm or lawyer. Find out what kind of experiences and outcomes others have had.

6. Legal Fees.
It is wise to shop around for a competitive price. Just make sure the Criminal Defense Firm or Attorney you choose – “discount the price only and not superior service”. Expect the best service and legal representation for your hard earned money. Where DUI charges are concerned, you can’t afford to “cut corners”. Your future and freedom are at stake. But make sure the firm or DUI lawyer in Arizona you choose is charging competitively. The only way to do that is to contact several. Give them all the same information regarding your charges to get an accurate quote. In Arizona, there are no legal governing entities that set DUI legal fees. You will find that some Law Firms charge (significantly) more than others. You need to find a median you are comfortable with. At the same time, you don’t want to go “bargain basement” But one thing is certain, an Attorney’s fees are not necessarily a reflection of their competence and work ethic. Other factors come into play for pricing including geographic, competition, overhead, staffing and advertising expenses, taxes, the firm incurs. Such factors may force them to charge you more than another. Arizona legal fees for your DUI charges is just one many factors to consider. A lower fee does not necessarily mean less legal representation. If anything, it could mean more if you hire the sole practioner or the head of the law firm, who is a former prosecutor, with a vast amount of defense experience and proven results.

7. Trust and Communication.
The best for last. Make sure you have a comfort level and open two way communication with the DUI lawyer. Do they seem knowledgeable? Are they listening to you and your concerns? Are they addressing your concerns? Are they accessible by phone and appointment if you have questions about your case? Do your calls get screened by someone else? How will you reach your Arizona DUI attorney? Do you go through many channels at the law firm including receptionist, secretary, and legal assistant? Do you know exactly who will represent you? Did the Attorney give you a direct line to reach them in emergency? Do they return your phone calls if you need to leave a message? Are they flexible and open to what you have to say about issues, the direction your case is going? Are they responsive to your concerns if you feel you are not getting the service you expected? Are they guiding you through the process and keeping you updated on status? This is a very important matter in your life. You should be able to reach your attorney. All of these factors speak loudly and give you foresight for the quality of representation you are about to purchase. These factors are signs so to speak of the direction your case will go. And if the trust and communication are little or non-existent, it will have a significantly negative impact on your case it may make the difference of a conviction v. total dismissal of your case. That is a fact. Many defendants feel undeserving victims in the criminal justice system. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized twice.

James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak, PLLC is an experienced attorney who defends both alcohol and drug DUI charges of any kind.

If retained James Novak will provide you will effective legal representation in your charges. He will evaluate your case to determine what defenses best apply to your case, and are the most likely to lead to a favorable resolution of your matter.

Call (480) 413-1499 if you face active impaired driving or criminal charges in the Phoenix East Valley and surrounding cities within Maricopa County. James Novak provides a free consultation for active charges in his servicing area and will discuss your matter with you confidentially.

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