Burglary Defenses

Criminal Lawyer for Defense of Burglary Charges in Arizona

All Burglary charges in Arizona are felony offenses. These are serious charges with long term consequences if convicted. But no matter how serious your criminal charges are, you are innocent until proven guilty and you have the right to a criminal defense. To protect your future and your freedom you will need to hire an experienced criminal attorney who defends burglary charges in the city or jurisdiction where you received your charges. James Novak, of the Law Office of James Novak, is an experienced criminal trial lawyer and felony defense attorney. He is also a former prosecutor. He knows what defenses will be necessary and the most effective to defend your burglary charges. If you face burglary charges, call the Law Office of James Novak, to discuss your matter. James Novak will provide you with a free consultation. Once retained, he will begin working on your case, and tailor and build the best defense strategy for your case.

Defenses used to Challenge Burglary Charges

Below are just a few of the defenses that can be used to challenge burglary charges. The type of defenses that will be used will be based on the circumstances of your felony case. Note:This list is not exhaustive:

  • Lack of Intent
  • Mistake of Fact
  • Unwarranted Search & Seizure
  • Miranda Rights Violations
  • Insufficient or Invalid Evidence
  • Constitutional Rights violations
  • Mishandling of Evidence
  • Police or Investigator Procedural Violations
  • Violations of State Statutes to bring specific charges
  • Justification Defenses
  • Prosecution failed to meet burden of proof and Other Trial Rights
  • No Probable Cause for Arrest
Criminal Defenses for Arizona Felony Charges

The Law Office of James Novak understands that every case is unique and must be considered on its own merits. That is why James Novak, experienced criminal defense lawyer in Arizona conducts his own investigation to determine which defenses are likely to reap the best outcome in negotiations with the prosecution and or jury trial based on a particular set of circumstances. Take your first step to defending yourself from unjust charges and harsh life term punishments! Call today for a confidential, no obligation, and free consultation for Arizona felony or burglary charges (480) 413-1499!

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