First Degree Burglary

Criminal Lawyer for Defense of First Degree Burglary Charges in ArizonaFirst Degree Burglary Laws in Arizona

“First Degree Burglary” is the most serious of all burglary charges. They can either be charged as a Class 2 felony (for residential burglary) or a Class 3 felony (for commercial burglary). First Degree Burglary in Arizona is categorized as a "Serious offense" for purposes of sentencing. A convictions exposes a defendant to extended prison terms and other harsh penalties.

Definition of First Degree Burglary

The description is outlined in “A.R.S. 13-1508. Burglary in the first degree; classification”:

(Paraphrased) A person may be charged with Burglary in the first degree if they violate the provisions of either Second Degree Burglary (A.R.S. 1507) or Third Degree Burglary (A.R.S. 1506); and knowingly possesses a deadly weapon such as gun, explosive or other dangerous weapon during the course of committing the burglary.

First Degree Burglary Sentencing & Penalties

A person accused of First Degree Burglary in Arizona will face extended prison terms on average anywhere from 7 years minimum to 21 years maximum. These terms will be extended if 2 or more aggravating factors are involved or the crime is a repeat offense. In these cases the prison terms may range from 35 years to life in prison depending on the circumstances.

Other penalties include but are not limited to victim restitution, property forfeiture; significant fines and fees; a felony criminal record; and more.

Criminal Defense Attorney for First Degree Burglary Charges

If you have been arrested on First Degree Burglary charges you will need to consult a good criminal lawyer who defends serious burglary charges in Arizona on a regular basis. James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak is an experienced criminal defense attorney who defends serious burglary charges. He is a former prosecutor and trial lawyer. He understands how serious First Degree Burglary charges are and the adverse impact a conviction will have on your freedom and the rest of your life. He will first provide a free consultation for new burglary charges to discuss your case and defense options. Once retained, he will immediately begin working on your case to build a solid and effective defense. He will make sure your fundamental and constitutional rights are protected; make sure you are treated fairly; attempt to get any unjust charges dismissed; fight to avoid prison sentences; get charges or penalties reduced and get the otherwise best possible outcome in your case. Take the first step in your defense and protecting your freedom: Call the Law Office of James Novak at (480) 413-1499 now!

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