Burglary charges in the second degree

Criminal Defense Lawyer who represents clients for Burglary offenses in the second degree

Maricopa County second degree burglary criminal laws

When police have probable cause to believe a person is in violation of burglary laws in the second degree, the suspect will face Class 3 felony charges. Convictions are egregiously pursued by Arizona prosecutors. Convictions expose a defendant to extended prison terms and other harsh punishments.

Definition of Second Degree Burglary

“Second Degree Burglary” is described as under “A.R.S. 13-1507. Burglary in the second degree; classification

(Paraphrased) A person can be charged with second Degree burglary when a structure is entered unlawfully.

Second Degree Burglary Sentencing & Penalties

A conviction for Second Degree Burglary in Arizona may expose a defendant to imprisonment for a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 8.75 years. If 2 or more aggravating factors are involved, or it is a repeat offense, prison terms may increase upwards to as much as 25 years.

Other penalties may apply including victim restitution, forfeiture of defendant’s property; large fines and fees; felony criminal record; and other penalties the court deems necessary. .

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer for Second Degree Burglary

You should not forfeit your freedom by pleading guilty without proper legal representation for Second Degree Burglary charges. These are serious charges with serious consequences. You will need an experienced criminal lawyer to defend your burglary charges.

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