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Initial Appearance in court after DUI arrest

Initial Appearance: Rule 4.2 Arizona Rules Criminal Procedure. Within of 24 hours of your arrest, you will have your first appearance before the judge. The following processes take place:

  • You will be brought before read your formal DUI or criminal charges; given your "Release conditions";
  • The Release Conditions are the terms of your release if you are bondable. If not, other orders will be given regarding continued detention.
  • If there are no release conditions or detention to be ordered, then you must be released at that time.
  • Your next court date will be scheduled (Arraignment).
  • The judge will ask you at that time, if you plan to retain a private criminal defense attorney to represent you.

DUI Lawyer Tempe, AZ

Following your release, from custody for DUI charges, you should consult an experienced private practice criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your matter and defense options. The Law Office of James Novak provides a free consultation for active criminal in the Phoenix Metro areas and surrounding East Valley cities of Maricopa County. James Novak has many years of experience as a DUI trial lawyer for defense and is also a former prosecutor. If retained, James Novak, DUI and Criminal Defense Lawyer will protect your rights; defend your charges; and work to get you the best resolution for your charges. Through the representation of a private practice criminal defense firm like the Law Office of James Novak, the case may be dismissed; charges reduced; sentencing reduced; or other favorable outcome in your case.