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Defending Aggravated Felony DUI Charges

Most Phoenix DUI or Arizona DWI charges classified as Arizona misdemeanor DUI offenses, where the maximum penalty for a DUI conviction may be as high as 6 months of incarceration at a county jail.

However, in certain situations the Arizona DUI you face may be charged as a felony DUI. An Arizona felony DUI (driving under the influence) is classified as an aggravated DUI. A felony DUI is a very serious offense and carries very serious penalties under Arizona law. In order to protect your future and your freedom it is necessary to consult and hire a Phoenix DUI attorney experienced at defending felony DUI charges in Arizona.

The following circumstances may cause an Arizona DUI offense to be charged as a felony:

  • DUI with injury - occurs when a drunk driver causes an auto accident which results in bodily injury or substantial bodily harm to another person, whether another driver, passenger, pedestrian or cyclist.
  • DUI manslaughter - causing a fatal auto accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Third DUI offense within 7 years
  • DUI on a suspended license
  • DUI while a minor child inside the vehicle.

Arizona DUI Attorney

The Best Possible Defense against Felony DUI and Aggravated DUI Charges

A Good DUI Lawyer with experience in Defending Phoenix Aggravated Felony DUI Charges

James Novak has the education and experience as an Arizona criminal defense lawyer who can provide a strong DUI defense to your felony charges. As a former Arizona prosecutor, James Novak will negotiate with prosecutors to get the best outcome possible. We will make every effort to have your charges lowered or dismissed completely.

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Felony DUI (Aggravated DUI) Defenses

You may be asking yourself if you can fight this Arizona Felony DUI.

There is too much at stake if you are convicted of a repeat DUI, it often makes sense to go to trial. However, trying your case before a jury is always a risk, and a conviction may carry harsher penalties than you would receive in a plea agreement.

I will review your case and fully explore all avenues for challenging the DUI, including:

  • Reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop
  • Probable cause for arrest
  • Validity of sobriety tests
  • Qualifications of the arresting officer
  • Violation of constitutional rights
  • Errors in blood alcohol testing
  • Inadmissible evidence.

Phoenix DUI Lawyer – Defending Aggravated Felony DUI Charges:

Felony DUI Convictions, and Felony DUI Penalties

In Arizona DUI charges are aggravated and considered felonies in the following circumstances:

  1. 3rd or more DUI within 7 years
  2. DUI while driving on a suspended, restricted or revoked license
  3. Child 15 or younger in the car
  4. Accident with serious injuries or death.

Arizona Felony DUI convictions have higher penalties, increased incarceration of that may include 4 months or more in Arizona prison. In addition, penalties include:

  • Driver’s License revoked
  • Probation
  • Ignition Interlock device
  • Drug/alcohol Counseling

The penalties for a felony DUI charges in Arizona are so extreme that you may think that all hope is gone. It is not - you can fight for your future and get a proven, dedicated defense attorney to provide a strong defense. You could have your charges dismissed or reduced from a felony offense. Attorney James Novak is prepared to fight for clients charged with this crime and understands that what you face if you are convicted. Every legal defense will be made on your behalf. A free initial consultation with a DUI attorney is offered to discuss your case.

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At the Law Office of James E. Novak, we understand how the legal system works and how it can affect you. James Novak not only understands Arizona DUI the law he wrote three books on about it. Our understanding of Arizona Dui criminal law could affect and impact your results. Knowledge and experience is key to understanding and results. We take a tough position when defending your rights and protecting your freedom.

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