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7 Ways the Law Office of James Novak may help you avoid harsh DUI Penalties

Drunk driving convictions in Arizona carry harsh mandatory penalties that are not discretionary by the judge. However, there are ways an experienced Arizona drunk driving defense lawyer can challenge your AZ DUI charges, and help you avoid harsh penalties. The Law Office of James Novak will work hard to get your DUI charges dismissed. In many cases it is possible. If not, he will make every attempt to get the charges reduced, or more lenient penalties on your behalf. Here are at least 7 examples of defense strategies The Law Office of James Novak might consider using to fight to get your DUI dismissed, or charges and penalties reduced depending on the facts of your case:

  1. An Arizona Drug DUI carries a mandatory 1 year loss of your Arizona drivers’ license. However, with the proper Arizona DUI classification of conviction you may only loose your drivers’ license for 90 days with the possible option for a restricted license for the last 60 days.

  2. Upon conviction of a DUI in Arizona, you must serve time in jail. However, with the permission of the court and without objection by the prosecutor you may have some options on how and where to serve your DUI jail sentence. These may include home detention after a certain number of days are served, local jail, and work release so you don’t loose your job.

  3. Any Arizona aggravated DUI or felony DUI carries the possibility of going to prison from 4 moths to 2 ½ years. An experienced DUI attorney like James Novak may be able to get your case reduced form a felony to a misdemeanor resulting in significantly lower penalties and long term adverse consequences. Additionally, there may be the possibility to keep you from serving prison time on your AZ aggravated felony DUI.

  4. There are a number of better outcomes that can be obtained for Arizona DUI charges. These include total dismissal of all charges, partial dismissal of charges, reduction in charges, reduction in penalties, or fighting for the bare bones minimum sentence resulting from aggravating factors. The penalties are so sever, that may people give up hope and they feel they are already convicted just because they were arrested and charged. But charged does not mean “conviction”. You are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This may be tough to comprehend, even if you gave an admission or had a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reading. However, experienced and proven Arizona drunk driving lawyers like James Novak will carefully evaluate your case; gather and examine all the evidence; tailor and build a solid DUI defense strategy; and challenge the prosecution’s evidence. Evidence that is fair to be challenged includes but is not limited to the illegality of the stop, police qualifications, any violations of your constitutional rights, police procedure, and equipment maintenance & calibration.

  5. Not all courts and prosecution are the same. Conclusions for DUI charges processed through the criminal justice system in Arizona differ. While it is a fact that Arizona State DUI law is the same and applies to all courts in Arizona, all outcomes are not the same. Your DUI outcome can be significantly influenced by your choice of DUI defense attorneys, and strength of your DUI defense. James Novak will look for and challenge weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence. He will make every effort to find exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor) and present compelling arguments to educate the prosecution and court regarding your DUI defense. A good Arizona DUI defense lawyer such as James Novak, with many years of DUI winning trial experience may be able to challenge your evidence and get some or all the charges dismissed prior to trial.

  6. Some Arizona Judges rule differently on evidentiary matters. If applicable to the facts of your case, James Novak will have your DUI blood sample tested by an independent crime lab on call. Some prosecutors may be open to negotiations if The Law Office of James Novak gets a lower blood alcohol (BAC) reading based on the results of the defense retest. In most cases an experienced Arizona DUI trial lawyer like James Novak can anticipate how the court and prosecution might generally react to a particular defense strategy, your case and evidence as it is presented. It does matter if your Arizona DUI case is handled in Tempe City Court, Gilbert City Court, Mesa City Court, Chandler City Court, Scottsdale City Court or Phoenix City Court.

  7. Hiring the best Arizona DUI lawyer can make the difference between a conviction with a lengthy jail sentence verses the possibility of a dismissal or getting the charges and penalties drastically reduced. The last item on the list is up to you. The biggest key to a strong defense and successful outcome is “early retention” of your private practice AZ DUI defense attorney. You will need to be proactive and consult the Law Office of James Novak as soon as possible if you face active Arizona DUI charges by calling (480) 413-1499. If you go unrepresented or do not hire a private practice DUI attorney in Arizona. The prosecution expects to get a swift and harsh conviction against you. You must be prepared and have a voice in the system by retaining the Law Office of James Novak to fight for your future and your freedom.

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