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DUI Arrest Phoenix AZ

A DUI arrest is the beginning of the DUI case stages process. The Law Office of James Novak exclusively defends DUI & Criminal charges in Maricopa County. If retained, James Novak, experienced DUI & Criminal defense attorney, will personally handle your matter throughout the case stages. He will defend your charges; protect your rights; and decrease the adverse impacts of the DUI charges will have on your life. James Novak is a Maricopa County criminal defense attorney. James Novak is also a former prosecutor, with extensive trial and litigation experience. You should consider hiring the Law Office of James Novak, as soon as possible following your DUI arrest. Early retention of qualified legal representation significantly increases your chances of getting a good outcome in your case.

DUI Case Stages in Maricopa County

Below are general DUI case stages that follow a Maricopa County DUI arrest. Fewer or more stages may apply to your case, depending on the circumstances surrounding your charges:

DUI Lawyer for Defense of Phoenix DUI charges

Always consult a private practice DUI lawyer, before pleading guilty to any Phoenix Misdemeanor or Felony DUI charges. The Law Office of James Novak provides a free consultation for active DUI charges in Maricopa County cities of Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert AZ and surrounding areas. James Novak is a former prosecutor, and experienced DUI and Criminal Defense trial lawyer. He will discuss your matter, and provide you with defense options. If retained he will provide a strong defense for your charges; make sure your rights are protected; and first attempt to get the DUI charges dismissed. If a complete dismissal is not, he will work to reduce the charges and mitigate sentencing on your behalf. Your chances of getting a good outcome in your case will significantly increase with by retaining an experienced private practice criminal defense lawyer.