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Armed Robbery Charges

To convict a defendant of Armed Robbery in Arizona, the State must prove that you:

  1. Committed a robbery; and
  2. The Defendant or accomplish had used or threatened to use a weapon.

Here, the State will argue that a simulated weapon that is said to be possessed and used is as serious and an actual weapon. Both of which instills fear in the victim.

Armed Robbery Laws in Arizona

Arizona defines armed robber under Arizona criminal code 13-1904 , cited in part below as follows:

13-1904 . Armed robbery

A. A person commits armed robbery if, in the course of committing robbery as defined in section 13-1902, such person or an accomplice:

1. Is armed with a deadly weapon or a simulated deadly weapon; or

2. Uses or threatens to use a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument or a simulated deadly weapon.

B. Armed robbery is a class 2 felony.”

Defense for Armed Robbery

Armed Robbery Sentencing

If convicted, armed robbery in Arizona, sentencing is harsh. Armed Robbery is a class 2 felony that exposes you to a prison sentence of an aggravated term of 12.5 years, and criminal record. Any prior conviction or circumstances surrounding the robbery charges may increase this prison sentence and any other armed robbery sentencing the judge deems necessary.

Armed Robbery Attorneys

Armed robbery is an extremely serious felony charge in Arizona. To defend yourself, protect your rights, you will need a strong and experienced criminal defense attorney experienced at defending armed robbery charges in Arizona. If convicted, the armed robbery sentencing is so severe, that some people give up hope for any chance at freedom and the uncertainties of the future. But an experienced armed robbery defense attorney like James Novak, will fight for your rights, make sure you are treated fairly through the criminal justice system, and may be able to use defenses that may lead to avoiding an armed robbery conviction. You only get one chance at freedom, and an opportunity to clear your good name, preserve your freedom, reputation and take control of your life again. Whether you face active criminal Armed Robbery charges or are under criminal investigation for armed robbery call experienced criminal defense attorney James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak for your FREE consultation at (480) 413-1499 . Early retention is one key to a winning defense.