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You see the flashing lights of the Scottsdale AZ DUI police in your mirror, and you are forced to stop. Keep in mind that as the police approach your vehicle they suspect you of Scottsdale DUI, Drug DUI or drunk driving. They will ask you a battery of questions, looking for cues of DUI. Next, the may conduct a series of DUI field sobriety tests (FST) by the roadside or wherever the stop has taken place. The FST testing may include preliminary breath testing, a subsequent breath test, blood testing or urine testing. You are will be cuffed and arrested and charged with Scottsdale criminal DUI. Then upon release you will be given a complaint or citation which includes a date and location for which you must appear in Scottsdale Court for the DUI charges for what is known as your arraignment.

Scottsdale Court, Criminal and DUI, Arraignment

The Scottsdale Court Address is: Scottsdale Municipal Court 3700 N. 75th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. You must appear before the Scottsdale Judge for your Scottsdale DUI criminal case or you could receive an arrest warrant for your failure to appear. If you hare a private Attorney, he may that date vacated on your behalf and handle it through alternative legal channels. He will instruct you either way. If you choose not to be represented, which is strongly discouraged, you will be read your rights and usually another date will be rescheduled for your DUI next court setting called a pre-trial conference.

If retained, The Law Office of James Novak will handle all aspects of your case including your arraignment. This insures that there is little impact on your family and job.

Scottsdale DUI Lawyer

Getting charged with a criminal DUI charge is a very traumatic experience. Remember, you have only been charged with a DUI – not convicted at this early stage. The prosecution over the years has taken a more firm stance on Scottsdale DUI defendants. Therefore, do not take lightly your Scottsdale criminal DUI charges. The prosecution will do everything they can to convict you and send you to jail. They are not your friend, they are the opposition. Everything you say can and will be used against you. You do not need help incriminating yourself or getting convicted. You need a Defense, a strong criminal defense attorney with a proven record of defending DUI charges in Scottsdale; AZ. James Novak an experienced Scottsdale DUI lawyer will protect your rights and provide a strong DUI defense for your charges. We will evaluate all aspects of your case with the goal of dismissal or reduce the charges and penalties associated with your DUI.

DUI Defenses in Scottsdale

As an experienced Dui defense attorney, James Novak will reveal if there are any issues relating to your Scottsdale DUI. This includes police procedure, the reason for the stop, Your Constitutional rights, equipment failure, operator error and more. Based on the circumstances in your case, James Novak will determine the best possible defenses to use on your behalf to pursue dismissal, reduction of charges, suppression of evidence, and what ever defenses will be the most effective to mount on your behalf. James Novak is well versed and has a vast amount of litigation experience in dealing with defenses against a DUI or criminal conviction. The keys are to know which ones to use, when to mount the defense, and the proper legal channels to use to exercise these defenses either before, or during court, or negotiations with the prosecution.


Scottsdale DUI laws follow Arizona Criminal DUI laws. However, increased punishment is at the discretion of the Scottsdale prosecution and judges. Scottsdale takes a firm stand against people driving drunk in its city.

DUI Penalties in Scottsdale

The mandatory DUI penalties that must be ordered by the judge include jail, counseling, fines and fees, driver’s license suspension, ignition interlock device placed on car. The Scottsdale judge discretionary sentence may include MADD program, community service, and probation.

Second DUI

If you arrested and convicted in Scottsdale for a second or third DUI you will get mandatory increased penalties. Your second or third Scottsdale DUI could include increased jail form 30 days to 120 days to 180 days in jail. It is important that if you have received a repeat DUI charge to hire James Novak as soon as possible so he can begin mounting a defense and working towards a dismissal or reduction in charges. Scottsdale is relentless when it comes to Second DUI or more penalties and sentencing. They want convictions and will work closely with the Scottsdale police and prosecution to attempt to get it.

Extreme DUI

An extreme DUI in Scottsdale arrest is very serious Extreme DUI (0.15 BAC or greater). This category includes the Scottsdale AZ super extreme DUI (which is 0.20 BAC or greater). The Scottsdale prosecution will fight to convict you and ensure the judge orders an enhanced sentence on your Scottsdale extreme DUI charge. You should know that the higher the BAC, the harsher the sentencing and penalties may be. The Prosecution and Courts want these drivers off the road and will make the sentencing so severe that it will be negatively life altering and following you for years to come.

Drug DUI

It is hard to believe that you are driving without drinking any alcohol and you could still get DUI charge in Scottsdale. A Scottsdale DUI is frequently charged by the police if you had illegal drugs like marijuana or legal drug with a valid prescription. In these cases the Scottsdale DUI police take a blood or urine sample and tests for any indication of the drug. You can get convicted of Scottsdale marijuana DUI even if you had not smoked for the last 3-5 days. Penalties are just as severe as an alcohol DUI and include jail, counseling, fine and fees, ignition interlock device. You will be forced to defend yourself in the Scottsdale Court even if the drug found in your system did not in fact alter or impair your ability to drive. The simple fact that it was found in your system, gives them the police the authority to arrest you. Then you will need a good defense Attorney such as James Novak with the special training, litigation experience, and education to fight these types of charges and exercise your defenses relating to toxicology results, blood or urine evidence, and other issues surrounding these sensitive cases. Without a good defense Attorney like James Novak, your chances of getting an unjust charge dismissed are slim to none. With his type of Legal representation your chances significantly increase of getting the case dismissed, charges reduced or other favorable outcome. James Novak has a proven track record of successful defense for Drug DUI cases.

Scottsdale DUI Attorney

James Novak is a proven and experienced Scottsdale DUI attorney who will fight to get your Scottsdale DUI charges dismissed. A dismissal or reduction of your charges is never easy and never just freely given by the Scottsdale prosecution, especially if you go unrepresented by a private practice Arizona DUI Attorney like James Novak. The Law Office of James Novak defends Scottsdale DUI charges on a daily basis. James Novak has extensive litigation experience, specialized training and education in defending DUI charges and is the prominent author of 3 books on “Arizona Winning DUI Defense Strategies” © which includes the book entitled “101 Arizona DUI Defenses” ©. As a show of his dedication to helping clients the abridged versions of all three books Are available free of charge with no fees or obligations and can be downloaded instantly by simply visiting

He will challenge the all evidence, or lack thereof, protect your constitutional rights, and make sure every defense that applies to your circumstances will be used to mount an effective DUI Defense for your criminal charges or DUI in Scottsdale. James Novak will attack anything that has been improperly handled on your Phoenix DUI case, find out if your constitutional rights have been violated, and work hard to get your DUI dismissed, charges reduced, evidence suppressed, and the best possible outcome in your Phoenix DUI case. Your future and your freedom are at stake. Call today for your FREE consultation with a DUI lawyer for your Phoenix Criminal or DUI charges at (480) 413-1499. He will speak with you personally and provide a free can confidential consultation regarding your active DUI or Criminal Charges.