Felony Theft Sentencing Guidelines

Penalties for felony and misdemeanor theft crimes are based on Mandatory Sentencing Guidelines. All theft crimes are assigned a sentence range, varying from a minimum term of imprisonment to a maximum term of imprisonment. However, first time offenders are generally sentenced to the presumptive term of imprisonment. A presumptive sentencing term refers to the expected, average or minimum expected amount of penalties that will apply. If convicted of a felony theft crime the judge will order a sentence within the range specified. The sentencing or penalties can increase or decrease depending on the following guidelines:

  • The value of the allegedly stolen property: the dollar amount or value of the property or services stolen is a factor heavily weighted on penalties: the higher the dollar amount or value, the more severe the sentencing;

  • Mitigating factors: evidence or factors that will reduce the penalties;

  • Aggravated factors: factors the prosecution will use against you to increase penalties;

  • Whether the offense was "Dangerous" or "non-dangerous"; Separate sentencing ranges exist for each;

  • Whether or not a weapon was used; if a weapon was used during the offense this will increase penalties and sentencing;

  • If the defendant has a past criminal convictions, sentencing may be harsher;

  • If the victim was elderly, disabled, or vulnerable, harsher penalties will be ordered.

  • First-time theft offense verses repeat theft offense.

  • Other charges or offenses that occurred in connection with the theft.

Lawyer for Theft Charge Defense Phoenix AZ

The Sentencing stage is crucial and will require legal representation. If you have been convicted of a theft crime, you can consult the Law Office of James Novak, PLLC. If retained, he will work to mitigate sentencing, if the prison terms cannot be avoided.

All felony theft charges expose a person to prison terms.

If you were arrested for felony theft charges, you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney, and consider representation.

No matter how serious the charges you have the right to be legally represented and to defend your charges.

There may be defenses that can be used to mitigating the charges or sentencing; to help you avoid prison, to get reduce or avoid prison terms, or to get the charges dismissed. If retained, a criminal defense attorney can evaluate your case, and determine what defenses are most likely to lead to a favorable outcome in your case based on the circumstances of your matter.

James Novak provides a free initial consultation for active theft charges and represents clients in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Scottsdale Arizona.

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