Felony Theft Classifications in Arizona

Classifications of Theft Based on Dollar Amount or Value of Stolen Property

The monetary value of property stolen determines the classification of the felony that will be charged. Below is a summary of Felony Theft Classifications:

  • $1,000 + but under $2,000.00 (Class 6 - Least severe penalties)

  • $2,000 + but under $3,000 (Class 5)

  • $3,000 + but under $4,000 (Class 4)

  • $4,000 + but under $25,000.00 (Class 3)

  • $25 000 or more (Class 2 - Most severe penalties)

  • Theft of a vehicle engine or transmission is a Class 4 felony, regardless of the value of that vehicle, engine or transmission;

  • $1,000 or under (Class 6 Felony) if the property that was stolen was a gun or firearm; or

  • $1,000 or under (Class 6 Felony) if the property stolen was an animal stolen for the purpose of using the animal for fighting.

When the value of stolen property equals or exceeds $100,000.00, the defendants will be ineligible for sentencing suspension; probation; pardon; or release from prison; except under the terms of 31-233, (A) or (B) until the:

  1. Prison term imposed is completed; or
  2. Person is eligible for release; or
  3. Sentence is commuted

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