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Drug Sales Charges in Arizona

The drug laws in Arizona that apply in Maricopa County are very clear and comprehensive. For example, the Arizona Law defines simple terms such as “sales” in the context of criminal drug “sale”, drug “sales”, or “selling” of drugs in Arizona. The State of Arizona egregiously prosecutes drug sale crimes in Arizona. If you face drug sale charges, it is important that you consult a criminal defense lawyer in Arizona as soon as possible to discuss your matter and defense options available to you.

Definition of Drug “Sales” under Arizona Law

Under Arizona law the Definition of “Sale” or “Sell” can be found in “A.R.S. 13-3401 Definitions 32” at the official Arizona State Legislature web site. It reads in part as follows:

“… ‘Sale’ or ‘sell’ means an exchange for anything of value or advantage, present or prospective.”

This means that the exchange for narcotic drugs need not be made with money in order to be classified as a “sale” in Arizona. You can be arrested, and convicted of illegal narcotics drug crimes if your charges involve the exchange of drugs for anything of value. This can include such both tangible and nontangible items for example: property, services or even other drugs. Under Arizona Law, you can be convicted of drug sales crimes even if the sale has been made with a commitment for a future transaction.

Defense Lawyer for Drug Sales Crimes in Arizona

If you have been charged or arrested for drug charges that involve an illegal drug sales crime in Arizona, you should consult an Arizona criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. If convicted of a drug sales crime in Arizona you potentially face jail, or prison sentencing in addition to probation and exorbitant fines. There is too much at stake to hand over your freedom and future to the Maricopa County or Arizona Prosecution. The Law Office of James Novak will provide you with a solid and effective defense for your criminal drug sales charges. If retained he will begin working on your case immediately. He will make sure your rights are protected; that you are treated fairly; and attempt to get the best possible outcome for your case. The Law Office of James Novak is a proven and qualified criminal defense firm in Arizona. If retained James Novak, criminal defense attorney will personally defend your case. He is a former prosecutor and experienced trial defense lawyer serving clients in Maricopa County, Phoenix valley-wide including Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Chandler, Arizona and surrounding cities.

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