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The Tempe police aggressively stop drivers they suspect of Tempe DUI, drunk driving, or Drug DUI charges. If stopped, the Tempe police are highly trained in Tempe DUI and will in most instances suspect that you are driving impaired on alcohol or drugs. You may undergo what many feel is a humiliating battery of Tempe DUI tests including field sobriety tests, breath tests, drug testing, and questioning. You will then be taken to a DUI police van or a Tempe Police Department for them to obtain a subsequent breath test, blood or urine sample for alcohol or drug testing.

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If charged, you must appear in Tempe Municipal court for your arraignment. It is at that point, you have an opportunity to plead not guilty and work towards a dismissal of your criminal DUI charges. Many aspects of your Tempe DUI may have been improperly handled. This may include the Tempe DUI police training and procedure, improper testing methods, invalid breath, blood or urine test and more issues that James Novak, DUI attorney can challenge in your DUI defense.

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The Tempe prosecution and judges follow Arizona State laws regarding DUI Law, DUI Penalties, and DUI Sentencing, and the same for Drug DUI charges. The Tempe prosecution is aggressive and firm in its handling of DUI cases. Do not forget that they are the prosecution, and they want convictions. Anything you say may be used against at trial. The Tempe police are there to arrest, the prosecutor’s are there to convict. They will work closely together to build a case against you from the stop, arrest, court, to conviction. You will need strong DUI legal representation. During the entire time, the Prosecution is building its’ case against you. James Novak, DUI attorney is highly trained and experienced, and will be building a mounting a strong defensive case on your behalf. He will b be doing everything possible to suppress evidence, make sure your rights have not been violated, and fighting for a dismissal of your charges.

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Under Arizona DUI law if you get convicted of any Tempe DUI you may be required to serve mandatory jail or prison time, pay fines and fees, have your driver’s license suspended, get possible probation, have a required ignition interlock device installed in your automobile. The penalties increase with a higher amount of alcohol consumed or if you have prior criminal or DUI conviction on your record.

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The judge has no discretion with sentencing if this is your second or third DUI. Then upon conviction you must be sentenced to a more severe punishments that may includes longer jail or prison sentencing, higher fines and fees and more harsh penalties required by Arizona law.

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Tempe police and prosecution take victim crimes serious. If you are charged with a Tempe DUI involving an accident or injury, and are found to have hit another vehicle, someone’s property, or a person they handle the matter more aggressively. They usually ask the judge for an aggravated sentence. Such circumstances raise generally raise the charges from a Misdemeanor to a Felony DUI Charge, which are very serious, and carry more severe penalties.

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If charged or arrested in Tempe for DUI, DWI, drunk driving, or drug DUI charges you will received a complaint from the Tempe police. This document will list your DUI charges and your Tempe court date. The Tempe Municipal Court Address is 140 East 5th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281. It is located in downtown Tempe, two blocks east of Mill Avenue on Fifth Street between Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and A.S.U. Sun Devil football stadium.

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All of this is overwhelming and very serious. But with a good defense Attorney, like James Novak, be reassured, all hope is not gone. You will get another chance at freedom and a strong defense to protect your rights, and defend your case. If you have been charged with a Tempe DUI you have not yet been convicted of a DUI. Going into court, without private legal representation makes it easy for the prosecution to convict you of the DUI charges. No fight, could easily give you the max. And although it sounds like the easy way out, it has extremely severe impacts on your life, family, job, future job opportunities, driving privileges, future and freedom. Facing the charges and court system unrepresented by a good private practice DUI Attorney like James Novak, is actually the most dangerous thing you could in your situation. The prosecution greatly wants you to go without a private practice DUI defense Attorney, because it makes their job easier and the conviction is fast and easy for them. They do not care how it will affect your life, as nice or polite as they may be to you. They will not provide a DUI defense, they will not look for flaws or errors in the prosecution’s case, they will not challenge any evidence on your behalf, will not raise issue with any violation of your constitutional rights, or try to reduce your charges or get your case dismissed. A key element to your stop, arrest, DUI testing, and police credentials and procedure may have important issues that may get your Tempe DUI dismissed of the possible punishment drastically reduced. But all of these issues will be ignored by the prosecutor without a good DUI defense Attorney to challenge them. The prosecution may even tell you that you don’t need an attorney. Beware of such comments. The prosecutor wants the conviction, period.

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