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Phoenix, AZ Prescription Drug Charges Defenses

In Arizona, possession, use, or sale of any prescription drug without a valid license or prescription is cause for arrest, criminal charges, and conviction for felony drug charges. Many people don’t realize that it is against AZ Drug Laws to self-medicate, or to provide medication to friends or family members or anyone else. Many people find it difficult to believe that their actions were unlawful, and they are in superior court having to defend these types of Arizona criminal charges. If you face any medication, prescription or controlled substance charges you should contact experienced attorney James Novak at the Law Office of James Novak to discuss a defense. It takes a highly trained, educated, and skilled attorney to defend these types of charges. Drug Defense Attorney James Novak has defended and litigated many of these types of cases. He can provide a strong defense for such charges on your behalf.

Arizona Prescription Drug Charges Criminal Defense Attorney

As an Arizona criminal defense and drug defense attorney who understands that there may be extenuating circumstances involving taking or giving medications to a friend or family member may be needed and other such medication or controlled substance related charges. The Arizona prosecution wants convictions and will disregard “your story”. They will put “blinders” on as to the reason for your actions. Or worse, if you are not represented by an Arizona Criminal Defense Attorney, they will use your words against you to further build their case and incriminate you. Don’t allow this. You have a constitutional right to remain silent, and to retain an Arizona drug defense attorney. Utilize these rights!

The Law office of James Novak will be your voice of reason in the court system and provide a strong defense as to the prescription drug charges. James Novak will make sure your story is heard through the proper legal channels, including conducting hearings conferences and filing the proper motions. He will examine all the evidence and facts and determine if evidence can be suppressed, and what defenses will give you the best outcome in your case.

Arizona Prescription Drug Charges Laws

The Phoenix, AZ laws regarding prescription drugs are clear. You possess, sell, manufacture, and get medication with a fake or forged script you will find yourself with an Arizona prescription drug charge.

A person may be found guilty of violating Arizona’s criminal prescription drug laws under A.R.S. 13-3406 if they knowingly:

  • Possess or use a drug made available by prescription only if the prescriber who dispensed the prescription drug it is not licensed, and does not hold a valid permit to provide, sell, transfer or offer the drug;
  • Possess equipment or chemicals for the purpose of manufacturing, or if they manufacture prescription only drugs without a valid permit or license;
  • Administer a prescription only drug to another person without a valid permit and license;
  • Procure, obtain or administer a prescription only drug by fraud or deceit;
  • Transport, sell, import, export, or transfer, a prescription state into or out of the state of Arizona.

Arizona Prescription Drug Charges Penalties

These types of drug charges are frequently filed as felonies. Any Arizona felony conviction potentially exposes you to jail, prison, fines, costs, fees, probation, treatment programs, counseling, community service, and a criminal record that will follow you for many years. It can adversely affect your employment and future job opportunities, family, credit, financial situation, reputation, future and freedom.

AZ Criminal Attorney ׀ AZ Drug Defense Attorney

One of the keys to a successful outcome in any drug case is early Criminal Defense representation. Give your AZ criminal defense lawyer or AZ drug defense attorney time to gather and examine evidence and mount a strong defense. This will prevent the AZ Court from making an early adverse judgment against you. It will also prevent the prosecution from making you an unfair, undeserving plea offer early on. You usually only get one shot at freedom for Arizona drug charges and a potential conviction. Don’t chance a fast conviction with life long adverse consequences by going without legal representation. Call today for your FREE consultation with and Arizona criminal defense attorney, James Novak, who defends drug possession, sales, distribution, manufacturing, smuggling defense, and drug paraphernalia attorney, possession, unauthorized use or sale of controlled substances, and any other drug charges. All consultations are strictly confidential. Let him begin representing you and building an effective defense for the best outcome possible in your case. James Novak proudly defends cases in Phoenix Valley wide, including but not limited to East Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and surrounding cities within Maricopa County. Call James Novak at 480-413-1499 today!