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The city of Phoenix is aggressive in seeking, and patrolling for DUI, Drug DUI, DWI or anyone they suspect to be Drunk Driving. They arrest and charge many people for Phoenix DUI and let the courts deal with them, with no care of how a Phoenix DUI arrest or Phoenix DUI conviction may impact you, or even if the charges or arrest were well founded or just. It does not take much for you to be stopped for suspicion of Phoenix drunk driving. The police approach your car with the suspicion that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will ask you a battery of questions and may subject you to embarrassing field sobriety tests, including breath, blood or urine test. If they feel they have enough against you, they will charge or arrest you. You are handed A Phoenix criminal DUI charges and instructed to appear at a Phoenix Court for your DUI charges.

Phoenix Court, Criminal and DUI charges, Arraignment

The Phoenix municipal court holds your DUI arraignment before a Phoenix Judge. The court is located at Phoenix Municipal Court 300 West Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85003. Your first DUI court appearance is your Phoenix DUI arraignment. If you ignore this court date and do not show up, and have not hired a private practice Arizona Attorney, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you decide to go unrepresented (this is strongly discouraged!) you must be sure to be at the instructed Phoenix Court at the exact time shown on the complaint. At the arraignment the DUI judge will read you’re your rights and reschedule your DUI charges for the next court setting called a pre-trial disposition conference.

The Law Office of James Novak will handle all aspects of your Phoenix DUI case including your arraignment. This insures that there is little impact on your life as possible.

Phoenix DUI, Phoenix Drug DUI

A DUI in Phoenix Arizona is a serious matter. A conviction will force the judge to send you to jail along with other harsh penalties. This will also impose you to a criminal record, which can affect your job, future job opportunities, finances, driving privileges and more for years in the future.

The good news is there is potential for you to take back control of your life and the DUI charges. A charge is not the same as a conviction, far from it. You must be convicted of the crime or DUI for which you were charged. DUI cases get dismissed in Phoenix every day. And your chances of getting a dismissal, acquittal, or reduced charges and sentencing increase drastically if you hire a proven, experienced Attorney like James Novak at the Law Office of James Novak.

The Phoenix DUI prosecution takes a firm stand on DUI cases and is reluctant to dismiss or reduce unless there is a strong evidentiary justification, and challenges made by your private practice DUI Defense Attorney. The Phoenix prosecution will do everything they can to convict you in your Phoenix DUI case and send you to jail. They are not your friend, they are the prosecution. Remember, everything you say can be used against you at trial. As polite and caring, as they may sound, remember, they are not concerned with getting you a favorable outcome, and will look the other way and ignore any errors in your case, violations of your constitutional rights, unfounded evidence, or anything that may help you. They are there for one reason alone—to convict you.

James Novak an experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney and will protect your rights and provide a strong DUI defense for your charges. We will evaluate all aspects of your Phoenix DUI case with the goal of dismissal or reduce the charges and penalties associated with your DUI.

AZ DUI Defenses

As an experienced DUI defense attorney, James Novak will uncover any issues relating to your Phoenix DUI case. This includes police procedure, justification for the stop of your vehicle, Your Constitutional rights, equipment failure, operator error and more. He will challenge the evidence, or lack thereof, and actively fight to get your case dismissed through the proper legal channels whether it be negotiations, filing motions, appearance and argument at hearings or trial. His primary concern is you and your defense. Without it, the prosecution’s job is made easy for them. They will quickly convict you whether you are guilty or innocent, whether their case is weak with substantial flaws, no matter what, because there is no legal representation on your behalf. You don’t need help getting convicted. It may sound like the easiest thing to do at the time because you are overwhelmed. But going without a good private practice DUI attorney will be one of the most dangerous mistakes you could make.


Phoenix does not have its own independent DUI laws. They must follow the State of Arizona Criminal DUI laws, penalties, and sentencing guidelines. When it comes to sentencing a more harsh punishment is at the discretion of the Phoenix DUI prosecution and judges.

DUI Penalties, Phoenix DUI

There are mandatory minimum Arizona DUI penalties that must be ordered by the judge upon your DUI conviction that include jail, counseling, fines and fees, driver’s license suspension, ignition interlock device placed on car. Additionally, the Phoenix judge has discretion and may include in your DUI sentence a MADD program, community service, and probation.

Second DUI

If arrested and convicted in Phoenix for a second or third DUI you will get mandatory increased penalties that can not be deleted by the judge. Your second or third Phoenix DUI could include increased jail form 30 days to 120 days to 180 days in jail.

Extreme DUI

An extreme DUI in Phoenix arrest must be taken seriously. The prosecution in your Phoenix DUI will fight to convict you and ensure that the Phoenix judge orders an enhanced DUI sentence on your Phoenix extreme DUI conviction. Also included in this enhanced Phoenix DUI category is the Phoenix super extreme dui with a higher blood alcohol level. James Novak challenges all the evidence including the evidence that raised your Phoenix DUI to the level of an extreme DUI. It takes specialized training to defend and challenge toxicology, breathalyzer, blood test, and urine test results. James Novak has a vast amount of knowledge, litigation experience, and training to challenge these types of issues. He will have blood retested if necessary, make sure there was no violation of your rights, mishandling of specimens and test results in conducting the tests, storage, or transport. He will make sure the breathalyzers were properly maintained, with records to support their proper function and validity. He will investigate who did the testing, and if they had the proper training and credentials to do so. Many defenses come into light with proper examination of the evidence and investigation that can suppress the evidence, get your charges reduced or case dismissed.

Drug DUI

In Phoenix the police routinely stop and arrest drivers for DUI even if they did not drink any alcohol. A Phoenix DUI alleges that you had illegal drugs like marijuana or legal drug with a valid prescription. The Phoenix DUI police take a blood or urine sample and tests for any indication of the drug. You can get convicted of Phoenix marijuana drug DUI even if you had not smoked for the last 3-5 days. Penalties are just as severe as an alcohol DUI and include jail, counseling, fine and fees, ignition interlock device.

Phoenix DUI Lawyer

An experienced Phoenix DUI defense attorney will fight to get you Phoenix DUI charges dismissed or reduced. A dismissal or reduction of your charges is never easy and never just freely given by the Phoenix prosecution. James Novak has the education and experience to challenge the evidence, and defend your against a DUI conviction in Phoenix. James Novak will attack anything that has been improperly handled on your Phoenix DUI case, find out if your constitutional rights have been violated, and work hard to get your DUI dismissed, charges reduced, evidence suppressed, and the best possible outcome in your Phoenix DUI case. Your future and your freedom are at stake. Call today for your FREE consultation with a DUI lawyer for your Phoenix Criminal or DUI charges at (480) 413-1499. He will speak with you personally and provide a free can confidential consultation regarding your active DUI or Criminal Charges.