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In Arizona methamphetamine or meth is classified as a “Dangerous Drug” Crime and charges as a felony. You could be charged with a class 2 felony which exposes you to over 12 years in prison if aggravating factors support the sentence. You may also find your charged dismissed because your rights were violated. An experienced Arizona methamphetamine defense attorney can make the difference between and dismissal and conviction or probation or prison. The key to a successful winning defense is to bring on board an experienced AZ Meth Defense Attorney, like James Novak as soon as possible. This allows for ample time to gather and examine evidence to determine if any may be suppressed, and build the strongest defense possible on your behalf and to do everything possible to attempt to get the case dismissed.

AZ Possession of Meth Defense Attorney

The Law Office of James Novak exclusively defends Meth charges, drug charges, any criminal or DUI charges. James Novak is 100% devoted to defending criminal and DUI cases. This includes all types of methamphetamine, (meth) and all other types of drug charges. James Novak understands how to challenge prosecutor’s case and work to get the best outcome possible. These cases can be very intense with hundreds of pages of police reports, video surveillance and undercover informants. Defense challenges will be made if the evidence was obtained in a manner that violated your rights or police procedure other constitutional rights violations are discovered.

Types of Meth Charges the Law Office of James Novak Defends:

  • Possess or use of meth
  • Possess of meth for sale.
  • Manufacture meth
  • Administration of meth to another person.
  • Transport for sale of meth

Meth Possession AZ Laws

“A.R.S. 13 Criminal Code

A person may be found guilty of Arizona’s dangerous crime laws in violation of A.R.S. 13-3407 if with knowledge, they use, possess, sell, obtain, procure, administer, manufacture or transport, import, or offer to transport dangerous drugs.

This includes equipment, and/or chemicals used to manufacture dangerous drugs.

It is also unlawful to obtain a dangerous drug, or administration of a dangerous drug by means of fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.

Meth Possession Penalties in Arizona

Conviction of an Arizona meth crime or any similar Arizona drug charges could result in probation, jail or prison. The Judge will look at the facts of your case and your criminal history and determine what is appropriate. However, you first must get past the prosecution. They are always looking to convict you. However, the facts may support a mush more lenient sentence. Especially if this was your first time and it was a small quantity. At the Law Office of James Novak, we will fight to get you the best possible outcome possible based on the facts of your case and criminal history. You chances of getting a good outcome increase drastically with an experienced litigator and drug lawyer like James Novak.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer for Meth Charges

Call today for your FREE consultation with James Novak, Arizona criminal drug defense marijuana lawyer who is an experienced litigator and highly skilled at defending Marijuana for sale and other drug cases. He will provide a strong defense and protect your future and your freedom. Call James Novak at (480) 413-1499 and let him begin building you a strong and effective defense. The Law Office of James Novak proudly defends clients in Phoenix, Tempe, and Mesa, Chandler Scottsdale, Gilbert and other surrounding cities in Maricopa County.