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Mesa DUI AttorneyDUI Arrest in Mesa, AZ

Mesa DUI police have long standing reputation of being aggressive on stopping drivers and arresting them for Mesa DUI and Mesa Drug DUI charges. You have probably heard the stories, most of which are in fact true, reported about Mesa DUI police stopping drivers for alleged poor driving, turning issues, crossing the white lane line, head light out, turn signals non used or malfunctioning, or other minor reasons for the sole purpose of making DUI arrests. The fact is that many people not under the influence of drugs, or drunk driving, can commit such minor traffic violations or dealing with the same minor mechanical issues. If your are stopped by the Mesa Police, you may be questioned about driving while impaired based on Mesa alcohol DUI or Mesa drug DUI. The prosecution and judges are as tough on Mesa DUI, Mesa DWU, Mesa drunk driving, Mesa Drug DUI charges and all kinds of Mesa DUI. After an arrest, the police they will give you a citation known as a complaint which will list numerous alleged DUI charges you have been accused of and a court date for which you will be required to appear in the Mesa Court.

Mesa Court - Criminal or DUI charges - Arraignment

The Mesa Municipal Court address is 250 E. 1st Avenue, Mesa, Arizona 85210. If you have not hired an experienced private practice Arizona criminal defense or DUI attorney who defends cases in Mesa, then you must appear for your Mesa DUI Criminal case on the time and date of the citation. If you fail to appear as specified, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you have hired an attorney, such as James Novak, he will in most cases appear on your behalf, or give you other appropriate instructions. The Mesa judge will read your charges, instruct you about your rights, and schedule the DUI matter for a Mesa DUI pre-trial conference.

DUI in Mesa

A Mesa DUI charge is not yet a convicted. Although you were arrested or charged, major evidentiary or constitutional right violations may surround your particular set of circumstances. But the Prosecution will not bring these to light, nor will they use any of the evidence that can be challenged in your favor. They will look the other way. They are not there to make your life easier, get your DUI dismissed, or charges reduced. They are there for one reason, to get a DUI or criminal conviction on your charges. Only a good private practice Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer, who defends DUI and criminal charges in Mesa, will examine these issues and mount an effective and fair defense on your behalf. Without private DUI legal representation, you simply make it easy for the prosecution to convict you. Their job is not defense. They don’t have time to evaluate all cases for problematic DUI case issue, nor are they interested in doing so on your behalf. They are too busy and it is not their job.

DUI Defenses Mesa DUI

An experienced DUI attorney who defends clients on a regular basis in Mesa Courts has knowledge of the constantly changing legislation, case laws, court protocol, prosecution, Mesa DUI police, and what defenses can be used based on your set of DUI circumstances. For a successful defense all evidence and issues must be examined for to utilize the most effective defenses to pursue through the legal and court channels to get your Mesa DUI charges dismissed or charges reduced. A small sampling of possible issues may include the police observations, violation of police procedure, your Constitutional Rights, breath, blood or urine equipment maintenance and calibration issues, operator error and many other issues. In some cases it takes just one issue to get a case dismissed, and in others it may take more to pursue a dismissal of DUI charges. It will not happen without getting the best DUI representation possible such as Mesa DUI Attorney James Novak.

AZ DUI Laws that apply to Mesa AZ

The Mesa DUI, DWI, drunk driving, Drug DUI and all other Mesa DUI charges fall within the law, penalties, sentencing guidelines, definitions, terms and conditions of State of Arizona criminal and DUI Laws. Arizona DUI laws are some of the toughest the Country. If your Mesa DUI arrest becomes a DUI conviction the Mesa judge must follow the mandatory minimum penalties as required under state laws of Arizona.

Mesa DUI Penalties

The mandatory Mesa DUI penalties include jail, counseling, fines and fees, suspension of driver’s license, vehicle ignition interlock device. Additional penalties include mandatory participation in MADD program, community service, and probation. Based on the circumstances surrounding your charges, the Mesa Judges have discretion to increase or hand out additional penalties or more harsh sentence if they deem appropriate

Mesa Second DUI

If arrested in Mesa for a DUI the prosecution will most likely discover if you have and prior DUI convictions. A second or third DUI conviction will give you harsher penalties including longer jail sentencing up to 180 days along with additional increased penalties. Mesa courts relentlessly pursue convictions with such increased sentencing for second or more DUI offenses. The Law office of James Novak will do everything possible to get the case dismissed, charges or sentencing reduced.

Extreme DUI in Mesa

A Mesa Extreme DUI 0.15 BAC or greater conviction always has an aggravated sentence. The Mesa criminal DUI prosecution has a reputation for its tough position on Mesa drunk drivers. They are rarely lenient on extreme DUI charges. They always seek a conviction with an enhanced sentence on your extreme DUI charge. This category includes the Mesa AZ super extreme DUI which is 0.20 BAC or greater.

Drug DUI in Mesa

It is hard to comprehend the fact that in Mesa AZ you can be stopped and arrested for DUI even if you did not have a single drink. A Mesa Arizona DUI is charged often in Mesa if the police suspect you had illegal drugs like marijuana or legal drug with a valid prescription. The penalties are just as tough as an alcohol DUI and include jail, counseling, fine and fees, ignition interlock device. If the police find no problem with your preliminary breath test, but suspect that you were still driving impaired based on other cues or evidence such as a poor field sobriety test, they will proceed to have a blood or urine test conducted to check for drugs in your system. Whether or not, these drugs actually impaired your ability to drive, you can still be charged with a Mesa Drug DUI, if a drug is found in your system that has potential to cause driving impairment. Then you will be forced to defend yourself through the court system. Special training, experience, education and skills are needed to defend these types of cases, the type possessed by James Novak, DUI, DWI, Drunk Driving, and Drug DUI Attorney in Mesa.

Mesa DUI Defense Attorney

James Novak is a proven and experienced Mesa DUI attorney who will fight to get your Mesa DUI charges dismissed. A dismissal or reduction of your charges is never easy and never just freely given by the Mesa prosecution, especially if you go unrepresented by a private practice Arizona DUI Attorney like James Novak. The Law Office of James Novak defends Mesa DUI charges on a daily basis. James Novak has extensive litigation experience, specialized training and education in defending DUI charges and is the prominent author of 3 books on “Arizona Winning DUI Defense Strategies” ©.

He will challenge the all evidence, or lack thereof, protect your constitutional rights, and make sure every defense that applies to your circumstances will be used to mount an effective DUI Defense for your criminal charges or DUI in Mesa. James Novak will attack anything that has been improperly handled on your Phoenix DUI case, find out if your constitutional rights have been violated, and work hard to get your DUI dismissed, charges reduced, evidence suppressed, and the best possible outcome in your Phoenix DUI case. Your future and your freedom are at stake. Call today for your FREE consultation with a DUI lawyer for your Phoenix Criminal or DUI charges at (480) 413-1499. He will speak with you personally and provide a free can confidential consultation regarding your active DUI or Criminal Charges.