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If you have been charged with Arizona for Sale criminal charge you are exposed to severe punishment including extended prison sentencing. The punishments are far more severe than those for simple possession. The impacts on your freedom and future can be devastating. At the Law Office of James Novak, you can depend on James Novak for an immediate and strong defense in your Marijuana for sale charges. This is the type of criminal charge where it is critical that you consult an Arizona Marijuana for sale Attorney, Arizona criminal defense attorney or AZ drug Attorney to defend your charges, Remember, just because you have been charged or arrested does not mean you are “guilty”. If you bring an experienced AZ drug defense attorney on board early your chances of getting no conviction and your charges dismissed or reduced increase drastically.

AZ Marijuana Possession Intent to Sell Defenses

James Novak, Marijuana, Criminal Defense and DUI Attorney in Arizona has handled and litigated many types of Marijuana cases in his career, with successful results. James Novak is a Former Arizona Criminal and DUI Prosecutor. His Law Firm has been dedicated for years and currently to defending and litigating marijuana possession, sales, distribution, manufacturing, and other Criminal and DUI charges. James Novak has the skills, knowledge and litigation experience needed to provide strong legal representation for your AZ Marijuana possession with intent to sell charges. He is the author of three Arizona Defense books and knows what defenses can be used in any given set of circumstances. He will do everything possible to get evidence suppressed, challenge the evidence, the amount of marijuana alleged to be in your possession, and do everything possible to get the case dismissed or charges reduced.

Some defenses include but are not limited to:

  • Violation of your Constitutional Rights
  • You did not have nay knowledge of any marijuana that was for sale
  • You did not participate in any sale of marijuana
  • You were just a passenger in the car
  • You were just visiting the home
  • Your presence was just bad timing
  • You had no involvement in any sale of marijuana.
  • The facts do not support your involvement in any marijuana drug sale
  • The “search and seizure” of substances from your home was unlawful.

Marijuana for Sale ׀ AZ Drug Laws

The legislative language for Arizona possession of marijuana for sale laws is below: You must not “not knowingly possess marijuana for sale”:

A.R.S. 13 Criminal Law

“13-3405. Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification

A. A person shall not knowingly:

2. Possess marijuana for sale.” (Cited in part)

There are other factors that may be used to support the AZ Prosecution’s case against you for criminal charge. This includes by is not limited to possessing a large amount of marijuana, having baggies, a scale, ledger, money, phone and cell text records. A highly skilled and experienced marijuana for sale AZ defense Attorney can overcome and challenge many of these issues based on the circumstances surrounding your case. AZ Drug Attorney James Novak is extremely well versed with a vast amount of litigation experience has challenged many of these issues with successful outcomes and is ready to Challenge them in your case depending on the facts.

Marijuana Possession for Sale Penalties

In Arizona getting convicted of a marijuana sale charge provides that you go straight to prison, if the prosecution proves that amount of marijuana was ever the statutory threshold of over two pounds. Other factors include criminal history, involvement and if any weapons were used and other extenuating circumstances.

Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer for Marijuana for Sale Charges

Call today for your FREE consultation with James Novak, Arizona criminal drug defense marijuana lawyer who is an experienced litigator and highly skilled at defending Marijuana for sale and other drug cases. He will provide a strong defense and protect your future and your freedom. Call James Novak at (480) 413-1499 and let him begin building you a strong and effective defense. The Law Office of James Novak proudly defends clients in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler Scottsdale, Gilbert and other surrounding cities in Maricopa County.