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If you were arrested for Criminal or DUI charges in the any Phoenix metro, East Valley or surrounding cities within Maricopa County and have active charges, you should contact James Novak, Criminal & DUI defense Lawyer now. James Novak is an experienced, Criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer located in Maricopa County the East Valley who defends clients with criminal DUI charges valley–wide and frequently in Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, Scottsdale, Arizona. James Novak DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney is a Maricopa County Criminal defense Attorney who will defend your criminal or DUI charges no matter how many, how serious, or minor they may seem. No criminal or DUI charge is too large or too small for James Novak to defend. Criminal Attorney, James Novak has handled and litigated hundreds of criminal and DUI cases in the course of his career, and achieved many successful outcomes.

First he will get your side of the story, gather evidence, investigate and build a defense strategy on your behalf. He will then work to get your criminal charges dismissed, reduced or obtain the best possible outcome in your case. James Novak is a former Maricopa County Prosecutor, and experienced Criminal and DUI trial lawyer. James Novak has spent most of is career defending criminal and DUI cases within the Maricopa County Courts. He has a superior understanding of the Maricopa county criminal justice system, Maricopa County courts, Judges, Prosecution, laws, and defenses that can be used to build a solid defense to fight your DUI or Criminal Charges.

The Law Office of James Novak is exclusively defends criminal and DUI charges in Maricopa County, most frequently Phoenix–metro, East Valley, and surrounding cities. Arizona, Phoenix–Metro and surrounding cites in Maricopa County. He is conveniently located just off the US highway 60 and Rural Rd. in Tempe, and will attend all court appearances, conferences, interviews, or and any other proceedings on behalf of your defense.

Arizona has some of the toughest Criminal and DUI laws in the USA. James Novak, Criminal Defense and DUI lawyer has a proven defense record for a solid and effective defense for your criminal or DUI charges in Maricopa County. You need a strong experienced criminal or DUI Attorney to defend your freedom and future.

Maricopa County Criminal Defense, DUI – DWI Defense

The Law Office of James Novak criminal and DUI charges in Maricopa County that include but are not limited to the following:

Maricopa County AZ Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Fees

The Law Office of James Novak provides a free consultation for active criminal or DUI charges within Maricopa County.

His retention fees for retention are flat and extremely affordable for Maricopa County Cases.

Attorney, James Novak is unmatched with regard to his competitive pricing, extensive litigation experience, education and training. James Novak has been successful at getting many of his clients’ DUI and Criminal charges dismissed, or reduced, “not guilty” verdicts, or alternatively the best possible outcome in a defendant’s case.

FREE Maricopa County Arizona DUI Criminal Defense DUI Books, Videos and Blogs

James Novak is committed to not only defending criminal and DUI charges, and providing legal help to those, and their families with criminal and DUI defense help. As part of his ongoing commitment, he has written 3 DUI and Criminal defense books. The E–books are the abridged versions and can be downloaded FREE of charge to the public. The books are part of his “Winning Defense Strategies”© Series which include “101 DUI Defenses”© that can be used to defend Arizona DUI Charges at ArizonaCriminalDefenseLawyer.Com.

James Novak, Criminal and DUI defense attorney has produced over 50 videos about criminal and DUI laws, and defense. The Videos are also available for FREE to the public at ArizonaCriminalDefenseLawyer.Com.

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Call The Law Office of James Novak (480) 413–1499 for your FREE CONSULTATION today if you or someone you know is facing criminal or DUI Charges, in Maricopa County. There is hope and help, and it starts here.