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Chandler police are highly trained and skilled DUI officers. Chandler has its own crime lab for testing of blood and urine to test to investigate DUI, Drug, and Drug DUI charges. DUI charges in Chandler are serious. A conviction can have long lasting adverse impacts on your life, finances, family, driving privileges, criminal record, future and your freedom Chandler police aggressively stop and arrest people DUI, DWI, Drunk driving or driving under the influence of Drugs or Drugs and alcohol. There are no second chances. A clean and clear background does not save you from DUI charges. The police and prosecution will work closely to get a conviction. You will need an experienced and proven DUI defense Attorney or Criminal Attorney who defends DUI charges in Chandler on a regular basis. You can fight your DUI, no matter what kind or the circumstances involved. However, understand that your chances of getting your charges dismissed, reduced to lesser charges and sentencing or an otherwise good outcome on your case increase drastically when you hire private practice DUI or criminal defense Attorney who defends DUI charges in Chandler daily, like the Law Offices of James Novak. If you go unrepresented by a private practice experienced DUI or criminal defense attorney, your chances are slim to none of getting a dismissal or other favorable outcome.

Chandler Court, DUI, Arraignment

After your DUI arrest, The Chandler police will charge and in most cases you will be released within a few hours thereafter. You will be given a complaint form or DUI citation, which indicates that you are required to report to Chandler Court for an arraignment. The court address is: Chandler Municipal Court 200 E. Chicago St., Chandler, AZ 85225. If you have not hired a private practice criminal defense or DUI who defends Chandler DUI cases, you will be required to appear for your arraignment on the scheduled date and time. If you fail to appear, this is very serious, and the judge will issue an immediate warrant for your arrest. If you choose to go unrepresented by a private practice attorney, (this is strongly discouraged) then it is important that you attend on a timely basis to the proper location. The Chandler judge will read you the charges, read your rights and set the matter for a subsequent Chandler DUI pre-trial conference. If you hire a private practice DUI Attorney who defends cases in Chandler Court on a regular basis, in most cases, he will be able to vacate that arraignment date so that you do not have to appear, and he will take care of that process on your behalf. He will give you further instructions to the contrary that will make have the least adverse impact on your life and regular life schedule as possible.

DUI charges, DUI Conviction

It is important to remember that a Chandler DUI charge is not yet a conviction. It will not be until, and unless you are proven guilty in a court of law, or admit to guilt via a guilty plea through the legal process. Once the police make a decision to arrest you for DUI arrest, it is up to you to hire a good AZ DUI attorney, like James Novak to defend your charges on your behalf. It may sound easier to just take the conviction—and the prosecution may make it sound that way as well, so that their job will be made easier to get a conviction. But the biggest mistake people make is that they under estimate the damages to so many aspects of their life that a conviction brings. In the least you should contact James Novak, for a free confidential initial consultation to get direction and understanding as to the true results of what a conviction will do to your entire life.

James Novak, DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney for Chandler will listen to your story and explain initially what the consequences of a conviction may bring. And if hired he will immediately file with the courts a “not guilty” please on your behalf, notice of rights and defenses, and notice to the court of this legal representation for your DUI or criminal charges. Then he will aggressively pursue all evidence, and examine it to determine if there were errors in the manner that your Chandler Dui was handled, violation of your constitutional rights, and any weaknesses in the Chandler prosecution DUI case against you. Simultaneously, he will be building a strong defense on your behalf and challenge the prosecutions evidence and DUI charges in an effort to pursue a dismissal of your case, reduction of charges, or suppression of any evidence to get you the very best outcome in your case. Motions will be filed at the appropriate times regarding your defenses that will be used and James Novak will make every effort to negotiate in your favor with the prosecution based on the weaknesses of their case he has uncovered. The prosecution will take no initiative to help you although they may remain polite, and like for you to think they are helping. They want a conviction and will relentlessly pursue it through the proper legal channels.

It is important to understand that if you are unrepresented by a private practice criminal defense or DUI attorney such as James Novak, the prosecution will do nothing to defend you. That is not their job. In fact, the prosecution will promptly ignore any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, and disregard any violation of your rights they exist. It sounds unfair, but without proper legal representation, the Court and Prosecution will ignore any defenses that may have otherwise been negotiated by an attorney that would in effect have potential to get your case dismissed or charges reduced.

DUI DefensesHiring experienced DUI defense Attorney that is familiar with the court and prosecution can be the difference between dismissal and conviction of your Chandler DUI charges. The Law Office of James Novak defends Chandler DUI charges on a daily basis. James Novak has extensive litigation experience, specialized training and education in defending DUI charges and is the prominent author of 3 books on “Arizona Winning DUI Defense Strategies” ©. One of his books written by successful and active Attorney James Novak is “101 AZ DUI Defenses”©. Abridged versions can be downloaded for Free, with no obligation by visiting These defenses are just the tip of the iceberg of what defenses can be used to pursue a case dismissal. The circumstances surrounding each individual DUI Person’s Case, current State Law, Case Law, and Jurisdiction dictates the best defenses which can be used to build his defense case on your behalf and to make it the most effective. There are so many possible issues that can be challenged including but far from limited to: issues related to your stop, no probably cause for arrest, violations of your constitutional rights, search and seizures, police questioning, police testing, lab testing methods, training, the mishandling of evidence during testing, storage or transport, and much more. These defenses and your rights should not be a “secret” which is why James Novak provides free abridged versions to the public. However, a word of caution, it is one thing to know them, it is another to exercise those defenses through the proper legal channels, in good timing, and legal protocol. That is where a Chandler DUI Attorney’s experience, knowledge, training, litigation skills, negotiation skills, understanding of the law is key to a successful outcome of your case.AZ DUI Laws

Chandler DUI, DWI drunk driving case must adhere to the State of Arizona DUI laws. Arizona DUI laws are known as being tough DUI laws and penalties compared to other states. If your Chandler DUI arrest converts to a DUI conviction the judge has little discretion and must follow the mandatory minimum penalties as required under the Arizona DUI laws.

DUI Penalties

The mandatory DUI penalties in Chandler include jail, counseling, fines and fees, suspension of driver’s license, vehicle ignition interlock device. Some discretionary penalties include MADD program, community service, and probation.

Second DUI

If arrested in Chandler and this is your second or third DUI you will be sentenced to substantially higher penalties if you gat convicted. The prosecution always seeks the increased sentence unless there is justification otherwise.

Extreme DUI in Chandler

A Chandler extreme DUI arrest should not be ignored or consider the matter lack importance. The prosecution will be ready to convict and you should be ready with a strong defense. An extreme Dui in Chandler carries an enhanced sentence on your extreme DUI charge. This category includes the super extreme dui with a higher blood alcohol level. Challenging test results take specialized training, skills, and experience, the kind possessed by James Novak, DUI defense attorney. It requires knowledge of police and medical staff training, certification protocol, methodology, guidelines for handling, storage, and transport of specimens, understanding of the breathalyzer machine, mechanics, repairs, and record keeping, certification of technicians and police and much more. James Novak has that experience and knowledge and challenges such issues on a daily basis. In addition to being a Former Prosecutor and Jurist Doctorate Attorney at Law degree, James Novak also possesses an advanced engineering degree as well as a Master in psychology degree which provides some of the tools he uses to challenge the evidence.

Drug DUI in Chandler

A DUI charge in Chandler with no alcohol is common. The police are aggressive when it comes to Chandler DUI including if you had used illegal drugs like marijuana or legal drug such as valid prescription drugs. T he police will take a blood or urine sample to prove its case. Penalties for a Chandler drug DUI are as harsh as an alcohol based DUI and include jail, counseling, fine and fees, ignition interlock device. It does not sound fair, but you are forced to prove that a drug that may have been found in your system from days or even weeks ago, or something harmless over the counter you ingested did not impair your driving. Again, this takes special training, skills and years of experience and litigation and why it is important to hire a proven drug DUI attorney like James Novak who can defend these charges for you in Chandler.

Chandler DUI Defense Attorney

James Novak is a proven and experienced AZ DUI attorney who will fight to get your Chandler DUI charges dismissed. A dismissal or reduction of your charges is never easy and never just freely given by the Chandler prosecution, especially if you go unrepresented by a proven and experienced Arizona DUI Attorney like James Novak. He will challenge the all evidence, or lack thereof, protect your constitutional rights, and make sure every defense that applies to your circumstances will be used to mount an effective DUI Defense for your criminal charges or DUI in Chandler. James Novak will attack anything that has been improperly handled on your Phoenix DUI case, find out if your constitutional rights have been violated, and work hard to get your DUI dismissed, charges reduced, evidence suppressed, and the best possible outcome in your Phoenix DUI case. Call today for your FREE consultation with a DUI lawyer for your Phoenix Criminal or DUI charges at (480) 413-1499. He will speak with you personally and provide a free can confidential consultation regarding your active DUI or Criminal Charges.