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If you ace any kind of Chandler criminal or DUI charges you should contact James Novak, Chandler Criminal Defense Attorney or as soon as possible, to consult him regarding your charges. The Law Office of James Novak devotes exclusively 100% of his Law Practice to defending DUI and Criminal Cases. James Novak defends and litigates criminal and DUI charges frequently in the Chandler Courts.

James Novak has handled hundreds of Chandler Criminal and DUI charges successfully over the last decade. He defends and litigates charges for his clients in Chandler Court on almost a daily basis, sometimes multiple times a day. He is also a former Maricopa County prosecutor. He is very familiar with Chandler Courts, protocol, procedures, judges, prosecution and laws. James Novak is especially well versed on the defenses that can help you get a good outcome in your case for Chandler, Arizona criminal or DUI charges

Chandler Court

The Chandler Municipal court is located at the following address:

(Easy To Find Directions: 200 E. Chicago Street in Chandler is located 3 blocks south of Chandler Boulevard and 2 blocks east of Arizona Ave., next door to the Chandler Police Department, in the historic downtown area.)
Chandler AZ DUI Lawyer and Criminal Defense Attorney
Chandler Municipal Court
200 E. Chicago Street
Chandler, AZ 85225

If you received Chandler Criminal Charges or were arrested in Chandler you were given or mailed a Complaint or Citation. That documentation will indicate the important information about your court appearance. It will provide name of court, time and date. If you have not hired an experienced private practice Arizona criminal defense or DUI attorney who defends Criminal and DUI cases in Chandler, then you must appear as instructed on the Citation. A crucial mistake people sometimes make is ignoring or failing to appear for their court date on the designated date and time. If you fail to appear as instructed on the complaint, a warrant will be issued immediately for your arrest and once found, taken into police custody. If you have hired a Criminal or DUI Attorney, like James Novak who defends cases often in Chandler AZ, he will give you further instructions as to when and if you need to appear for that court date. He will inform you on the next step, discuss all the facts, processes, protocol, nature and classification of the charges, direction, what needs to be done, what he will do to begin building a strong Chandler Criminal Defense as your defense attorney. He makes himself very accessible for questions and concerns and he will be available to address them.

Chandler Criminal Laws ׀ Chandler Criminal Charges

Criminal and DUI charges in Chandler AZ fall under the rule of the State of Arizona, under Title 13 of the A.R.S. Criminal Codes. It is no secret that Arizona is tough on crime. The laws are harsh, particularly if as they relate to DUI, and repeat offenders. In fact, Arizona criminal and DUI laws are known to be some of the toughest in the country. Convictions carry severe penalties for both Chandler misdemeanors and felonies. Penalties and sentencing vary greatly depending on the classification, nature of the charge, your prior criminal history and other factors surrounding them. A crucial mistake a few people make is underestimating their criminal charges and the impact they will have on their lives, future, family, job and freedom. Chandler AZ criminal charges should be taken very seriously. Contact Chandler Criminal Attorney, James Novak as soon as possible after you have received the charges or been arrested. He will provide you with a free consultation and give you insight into the nature and severity of the charges. He will let you know what you may be potentially facing, and what he can do for you if retained. He will let you know if he feels that Legal representation is needed to defend your case, give you guidance and direction. James Novak, experienced attorney will provide you with a FREE and confidential consultation from a defense perspective. You can find more information about types of Criminal & DUI charges, classifications, penalties and defenses by visiting

Criminal Defense Chandler, AZ

Remember a DUI or Criminal Charge in Chandler is not yet a conviction. In fact criminal and DUI charges are dismissed with good Chandler Legal Representation every day. You may have been arrested or charged, but that in and of itself does not “convict” you or make your “guilty” of that crime. Your Constitutional Rights allow you the right of fair treatment under the law and to retain counsel of Criminal Defense Attorney––Use it! Another mistake people make is not exercising that right. To go unrepresented by a good private practice defense attorney who defends cases in Chandler, AZ is the fastest way to get a conviction. You will need an experienced Criminal and DUI defense attorney to defend your case.

Chandler Prosecution and Chandler Court will not do anything to help you in your defense. They are only interested in getting a criminal or DUI convictions. They may present themselves very professionally, polite, and appear to be helpful. But they are looking for an opportunity for you to incriminate yourself further, to make their case against you stronger, and to try to get you NOT to hire a private practice criminal defense firm. It makes the prosecution’s job easier when a defense attorney in Chandler is not challenging evidence or the charges or defending you.

Only a good private practice Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer, like James Novak, who defends DUI and criminal charges in Chandler, AZ will fight vigorously in your defense. James Novak will gather and examine the evidence, determine if your constitutional rights have been violated, look for flaws or weaknesses in the prosecutions cases, comb through and challenge evidence, defend the charges, and customize an effective defense strategy on your behalf. He will fight to suppress all evidence, get your charges reduced, and work for a dismissal of your criminal or DUI charges completely. Without a private practice Chandler Criminal Defense and DUI Defense Attorney like James Novak, your chances of getting a good outcome on your case drastically increase. One of the keys to a successful Chandler Criminal defense is to get your Chandler Criminal Defense Attorney on board as soon as possible. Call James Novak today and let him begin building you a strong and successful defense: (480) 413–1499.

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