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If you were arrested in or near Ahwatukee AZ or Ahwatukee Foothills, AZ, in or near the greater Phoenix area, Central Phoenix or East Valley AZ cities within Maricopa County, James Novak of the Law Office of James Novak, PLLC can defend your case. You should contact him as soon as possible for your free consultation without obligation. He will give you information about your charges, sentencing range and defense options. James Novak is an experienced, highly qualified criminal and DUI Defense Lawyer who will provide you with a superior defense will guide and legally represent you through the entire AZ criminal justice system processes.

James Novak, Criminal and DUI defense attorney will defend your criminal or DUI if they are Felony DUI, Aggravated DUI charges Misdemeanors, or non DUI criminal charges. He will defend your active criminal or DUI charges whether there are multiple charges or one, no matter how serious or minor the criminal or DUI charges seem to you. In Arizona any criminal or DUI charge is a serious matter to contend with and should never be taken lightly or ignored. If you ignore or fail to show up for a schedule hearing for a criminal or DUI charge, a warrant will be issued for your arrest by the judge.

James Novak, DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney will represent you for all hearings if retained. He has the experience training and education needed to defend your Criminal and DUI charges in the strict Arizona courts. He has litigated hundreds of criminal and DUI cases in the course of his career, and achieved many successful outcomes.

James Novak’s experience as a former Maricopa County Prosecutor, as well has his years of criminal and DUI defense has enabled him to get a tremendous amount of trial and litigation experience. James Novak primarily defends criminal and DUI charges in Phoenix AZ, Greater Phoenix area cities including Scottsdale and the East Valley cities. He is extremely well versed and understands Maricopa County Arizona DUI and criminal justice system including laws, Courts, Judges, and Prosecution. Most importantly he knows what defense tactics should be used given your individual set of circumstances surrounding your criminal or DUI charges. He will build a solid and effective defense, present compelling arguments, and file motions on behalf of your defense.


Every defendant’s case carries its own unique set of circumstances. Below is a sample list of processes, actions, and defense strategies James Novak may use to defend your case. As a highly qualified criminal and DUI defense attorney, James Novak reviews every client’s case to determine if some, all, other or additional processes, actions and strategies are needed to defend your Greater Phoenix DUI charges. This list is not all inclusive, and some may or may not apply to your set of circumstances:

  • Obtain your side of the story and be your voice to educate the court and prosecution of flaws or weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case,
  • He will obtain photos of the arrest scene and names of witnesses.
  • Gather all other evidence available, or challenge strength or lack of evidence;
  • Conduct his own investigation;
  • Request blood or urine samples are retested by an independent lab. If the results are in your favor, he will enter it as exculpatory evidence (evidence in your favor)l
  • Determine if the staff person who administered the tests had proper credentials and qualified to conduct the testing;.
  • Determine if proper protocol was followed for administration, storage, and transport and other necessary handling of the test results and vials;
  • Examine breathalyzer results and levels;
  • Challenge evidence if justifiable.
  • If a portable breath test (PBT) was used, make sure that the formal Breathalyzer test was conducted in addition to the PBT;
  • Review repair and maintenance records of the breathalyzer machine used and properly calibrated;
  • Determine if the breathalyzer test was properly conducted;
  • Evaluate police activities before, during or after your Phoenix Metro, Central Phoenix, and Greater Phoenix East Valley cities DUI stop to make sure proper protocol was used;
  • Find out if any of your rights under Arizona State or Federal constitution were violated;
  • Interview or depose witnesses, including the police officer (s) who stopped asked you questions, tested, and arrested you;
  • Determine the best defense tactic that will reap the best outcome in your case and have the least adverse impact on your life;
  • Build and mount a solid defense against the prosecution’s case against you;
  • Educate the Phoenix DUI court and prosecution on the weaknesses or flaws in the their case;
  • File motions and present compelling arguments to get unjustifiable evidence against you suppressed;
  • Exercise all efforts to get your charges dismissed or reduced;
  • Personally handle every aspect of your defense case including investigation, court appearances, depositions, conferences, filing motions, or conducting any other necessary activities to defend you;
  • Answer all questions you have throughout the entire process from beginning to end, even on evenings, weekends and holidays.

James Novak has been successful handled hundreds of cases in his career with many of his clients getting DUI and Criminal charges dismissed, reduced, or alternatively the best possible outcome in their case.

James Novak guarantees that your FREE consultation will be directly with him. Further he guarantees that he will personally handle every legal aspect of your case including filing motions, attending court hearings, conferences, presenting arguments on your behalf, and be accessible to answer all questions you have during the processes.

Ahwatukee, Ahwatukee Foothills, Greater Phoenix and East Valley Criminal and DUI Defense

The Law Office of James Novak practices exclusively in criminal and DUI defense in all courts Phoenix, Phoenix Metro, Central Phoenix, and Greater Phoenix and East Valley AZ cities within Maricopa County. His office is conveniently located at US highway 60 and Rural/Scottsdale Road Rd. in Tempe, in the heart of Maricopa County.

The Law Office of James Novak defend criminal and DUI charges that include but are not limited to the following:

Ahwatukee Foothills, Greater Phoenix and East Valley AZ Criminal Defense & DUI Defense Fees

The Law Office of James Novak provides a FREE CONSULTATION for active criminal or DUI charges within Ahwatukee Foothills, AZ Greater Phoenix and East Valley Cites in Maricopa County. His fees are unmatched and extremely affordable with flat rates compared to many other Greater Phoenix DUI attorney fees. He attributes his ability to keep his defense fees low due to efficiency in operations and competitive pricing. But primarily he maintains competitive affordable fees low to enable more people to use the services of a highly qualified and experienced private DUI defense attorney.

One factor to getting the best outcome in your case is early retention to allow James Novak to spend as much time as possible preparing for your defense.


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James Novak is committed to defending criminal and DUI charges, and providing legal help to those, and their families with criminal and DUI defense help. As part of his ongoing commitment, he has written 3 DUI and Criminal defense books. The E-books are the abridged versions and can be downloaded FREE of charge to the public. The books are part of his “Winning Defense Strategies”© Series which include “101 DUI Defenses”© that can be used to defend Arizona DUI Charges at ArizonaCriminalDefenseLawyer.Com.

James Novak, Criminal and DUI defense attorney has produced over 50 videos about criminal and DUI laws, and defense. The Videos are also available for FREE to the public at ArizonaCriminalDefenseLawyer.Com. Additional links for Criminal defense and DUI defense help in the East Valley can be found at www.Arizonacriminaldefenseattorneyblog.com and www.phoenixduilawyerblog.com