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The Arizona criminal charge of Unlawful Imprisonment is a crime that must involve another person, the victim. That person is restrained without the ability to freely leave. In Arizona Unlawful Imprisonment is customarily charged as a felony. You need a lawyer who has experience in handing felony charges and more specifically Arizona Unlawful Imprisonment charges. James Novak is such an Arizona Lawyer who as a former prosecutor understands what it takes to provide a defense to these serious charges.

Arizona Laws - Unlawful Imprisonment

The law of Unlawful Imprisonment does not literally need to be actual force such as tied up with ropes or handcuffs. The false imprisonment may be accomplished with words alone through threats of harm if they should leave. Therefore the fear of force or force itself may be committed by words alone, by your actions alone, or both. Unlawful Imprisonment was formerly called false imprisonment. A.R.S. 13-1303 reads in part as follows:

13-1303. Unlawful imprisonment
A. A person commits unlawful imprisonment by knowingly restraining another person.
B. In any prosecution for unlawful imprisonment, it is a defense that:
1. A police or peace offer acting in good faith in the line of duty carried out the restraint; or
2. The defendant and the person restrained are relatives and the defendant’s only intent for restraining the person was to take legal custody of the person. In this case, the restraint is required to take place without physical harm or injury.

Unlawful Imprisonment Penalties

Any penalties associated with a felony coupled with any victims result in severe sentencing which can include prison, jail, supervised felony probation, anger counseling and whatever the judge deems appropriate and necessary. The prosecution and courts may seek harsher penalties if the case involves violence, fraud, deceit and additional violations of the law. .

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When your freedom and future are at risk you need an experienced Arizona criminal lawyer who has a proven record of defending Unlawful Imprisonment charges. Call James Novak, Criminal Defense Attorney today at (480) 413-1499 for your FREE consultation.