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Scottsdale DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney provides information about Scottsdale DUI Laws, Scottsdale DUI Arrest, Scottsdale DUI Convictions, Scottsdale DUI Sentencing and the need for a Scottsdale DUI Attorney. James Novak explains reasons why you need a good DUI Attorney who defends cases in Scottsdale, AZ if you have been charged with any type of DUI in Scottsdale or surrounding cities within Maricopa County, AZ.


If you face DUI charges in Scottsdale AZ it is crucial to consult an experienced private practice Scottsdale DUI Lawyer or Criminal Defense Law Firm that defends cases frequently in Scottsdale, AZ. Be sure you consult a lawyer who defends DUI and Criminal Charges exclusively. The City of Scottsdale and Prosecution want convictions, and will work closely with the Scottsdale Police to get them. You need a good Scottsdale DUI Lawyer not afraid to challenge the DUI evidence and charges. If you have been charged with a Scottsdale DUI but not yet convicted, there is still hope. With the legal representation of a Scottsdale DUI lawyer, your chances increase drastically of getting your charges dismissed reduced or evidence suppressed to get the best outcome in your case. One of the keys to a winning DUI defense is to bring your DUI Lawyer defending you in Scottsdale, on board as early as possible, to allow ample time gather, examine evidence, and build a strong defense case on your behalf.

The Law Office of James Novak provides proven DUI defense. James Novak is a former Arizona criminal and DUI prosecutor who for the last decade has devoted 100% of his Law Practice to defending criminal and DUI charges. He has handled and litigated hundreds of criminal and DUI cases with many dismissals and successful outcomes in the cases. His defense strategies, skills, litigation experience, and knowledge of DUI defenses and how to utilize them are unmatched. James Novak is also the author of a series of published Books: Arizona DUI Winning Defense Strategies Books. © One is entitled “101 winning Arizona DUI Defenses” ©.

Scottsdale AZ DUI Penalties may include but are not limited to jail or prison sentences, exorbitant fines, fees, court ordered interlock ignition devices, probation, counseling and more. Sentencing depends on the classification of your Scottsdale DUI charges such as a Misdemeanor DUI, Felony DUI, or other type of DUI. This and other facts surrounding your DUI will allow the Scottsdale Court to determine sentencing and penalties for DUI conviction. Get more information about DUI classifications, sentencing and penalties at

You must appear in the designated court on the date and time indicated on your complaint. If you fail to appear and haven’t hired a Scottsdale DUI Lawyer to defend your case and vacate this court date on your behalf, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. If you retain a Scottsdale DUI Attorney, or an Arizona DUI lawyer who defends charges frequently in Scottsdale Court, you will get proper instructions from your Scottsdale DUI attorney regarding whether or not you must appear for that court date or if it has been vacated due to your legal representation. The Scottsdale Court Address is below:

Scottsdale City Court
3700 N. 75th St
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

James Novak will make sure your Constitutional Rights are not violated and fight to get evidence suppressed and charges dismissed or the otherwise best outcome in your case. Remember one of the keys to a successful winning DUI defense, is to get a good DUI Lawyer on board early. The Law Office of James Novak provides a confidential Free Consultation for Scottsdale DUI and criminal charges. Don’t wait. Let James Novak begin building and mounting a successful defense for your now. Call Today: (480) 413-1499.