Maricopa County DUI Attorney

Arizona DUI attorney provides information about Arizona DUI Laws, Arizona DUI Arrest, DUI Arizona DUI Convictions, Arizona DUI Sentencing, and the need to consult an experienced DUI Lawyer if you have been charged with a Phoenix DUI, Tempe DUI, Mesa DUI, Gilbert DUI, Chandler DUI, Scottsdale DUI, and any kind of DUI charges in Maricopa County.

An Arizona DUI charge or DWI charge can have long lasting consequences that will impact the rest of your life. Fines, jail, prison if felony DUI and a suspended or revoked driver's license are a few of the possible Arizona DUI penalties for a DUI conviction. Having an experienced criminal defense and Phoenix DUI lawyer on your side can help you fight these charges, protect your rights, protect your future and your freedom and minimize the consequences of your Arizona DUI offense. Hiring an Arizona DUI lawyer will give you the best chance at a total dismissal or reduction in charges and sentencing.

There are a many types of DUI charges under Arizona DUI Laws. If you are stopped for DUI you usually will be charged with at least two DUI crimes. The most common Arizona DUI crimes are: “Driving while impaired to the slightest degree” above 0.08 percent

  • Driving with BAC (blood-alcohol concentration) above a 0.08 percent
  • Extreme DUI – Driving with BAC above 0.15 percent
  • Super extreme DUI - Driving with BAC above 0.20 percent
  • Felony DUI or Aggravated DUI
  • Drug DUI

The Law Office of James Novak provides clients with a strong and proven representation. He is a former prosecutor who now devotes 100% of his Law Practice in Defending Criminal and DUI cases. His experience, training, and knowledge are unmatched. James Novak is also the author of a series of published books: Arizona DUI Winning Defense Strategies Books. © One is entitled “101 winning Arizona DUI Defenses”©. He draws from his abundant education, training, experience, knowledge of the law, and understanding of defenses as key to his success in obtaining complete dismissal of charges or reduction of charges in Arizona criminal and DUI cases

Call today for your FREE consultation with an Arizona DUI lawyer. The Law Office of James N Novak will defend you and make every effort to get your case dismissed. The Law Office of James Novak proudly defends DUI charges and DWI charges in Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, Chandler, Phoenix, Maricopa County, and surrounding East Valley Cities in Arizona. If you face Arizona DUI charges you will need the best DUI Lawyer possible to defend your case. James Novak is the Attorney who can provide you with the most effective defense for your Arizona DUI charges. Call today, the Law Office of James Novak at 480-413-1499. Get your Free Consultation and speak directly with experienced Attorney James Novak. All consultations are confidential and your privacy will be protected.

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