DUI Treatment Program

Maricopa County’s Superior Court DUI Program

Participation in the special DUI Court Program can reduce sentencing and harsh penalties

For two decades Maricopa County Superior Court has offered a DUI - DWI court program as outlined by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA). It is a special court program similar to the model of the drug programs. Participation by the defendant helps address the underlying causes of substance abuse, and DUI convictions. The mission of specialty courts such as DUI and drug courts are to include mandatory treatment and counseling as part of sentencing. The goals are to enhance public safety by reducing recidivism, and repeat drug and DUI offenses.

In turn successful completion of the program, helps defendant clinically, reduces the chance of repeat offenses, and reduces harsh Arizona DUI sentencing.

Reductions in DUI sentencing and benefits to the defendant of DUI Charges

The Courts provide a variety of incentives including public recognition for successful completion of the program. The five main benefits to the defendant are:

  1. Reduction, or set aside of penalties and criminal convictions
  2. Avoidance or elimination of destructive, illegal behaviors;
  3. Clinical help for substance or alcohol abuse;
  4. Redirection to a healthy and productive life style;
  5. Support and incentives for returning to work, or school as a productive member of society

Some examples if reduced sentencing are:

  • DUI Conviction (first offense) – Requires 10 consecutive days in jail; with successful completion of the program, the defendant may suspend all but 24 hours of the 10 day jail term;
  • DUI Conviction (second offense) – Requires at least 30 consecutive days in jail up to 90 days; with successful completion of the program, the court may suspend all but 30 days of the jail sentence
Criminal Defense for Drug and DUI charges, Tempe AZ

Anyone arrested for DUI in Arizona should consult and retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. The Law Office of James Novak, PLLC, is a DUI and Criminal Defense Firm in Tempe AZ. James Novak is a former prosecutor, with a vast amount of experience in defending Maricopa County DUI defendants. He will work to mitigated sentencing, and play a vital role in helping to qualify and person for the program based on eligibility guidelines.

James Novak will conduct his own evaluation to determine if the charges are unjustified; if a person’s rights were violated; or if any defenses exist that may lead to partial or total dismissal of the case. If not, he will proceed with working to present favorable evidence or mitigating factors exist that would reduce harsh sentencing or penalties If the charges can’t be dismissed, he will work with the prosecution to confirm if you meet eligible criteria for the Drug or DUI Court program. If completed successfully, they will monitor and assure that the reduced penalties committed to by the court, are imposed in your case. Call today for your free consultation with the Law Office of James Novak (480) 413-1499 or (602) 908- 8123, serving Phoenix-metro and East Valley Cities in Maricopa County.

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