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Arizona extreme DUI attorney provides information about DUI Laws, Drunk Driving and DWI Laws, Drug DUI laws, Extreme DUI, Extreme DUI Laws, Extreme DUI Penalties, Extreme DUI arrest, Extreme DUI Conviction, and DUI Legal Representation, and Arizona DUI defenses, and how to choose an Arizona Extreme DUI Lawyer.

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Charges for an Arizona DUI or DWI carry harsh penalties. If stopped by the police and found to have a blood alcohol content of .15 or more within two hours of driving, you may face a conviction classified as an “Extreme DUI”. If you have received such a DUI charge or any Arizona DUI charge, given the severity of possible criminal and civil penalties, it is important to consult an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney or Phoenix DUI lawyer attorney immediately.

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Defending an extreme DUI charge requires the knowledge experience of the latest developments in DUI science and technology. Understanding the validity of Breathalyzer, blood, and urine testing procedures is critical in defending your Arizona DUI offense. Arizona criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer James Novak will examine the police report and all other evidence to determine the validity of the traffic stop, probable cause of the arrest, and the field sobriety test and Your Constitutional Rights. Based on all of these factors he will mount the most effective defense possible to defend your Arizona DUI Charges.

The Law Office of James Novak provides clients with a strong and proven representation. He is a former prosecutor who now devotes 100% of his Law Practice in Defending Criminal and DUI cases. His experience, training, and knowledge are unmatched. In fact, he has written and published a series of Arizona DUI Winning Defense Strategies Books. One is entitled “ 101 winning Arizona DUI Defenses ”. He draws from his abundant education, training, experience, knowledge of the law, and understanding of defenses as key to his success in obtaining complete dismissal of charges or reduction of charges in Arizona criminal and DUI cases.

Phoenix DUI Lawyer, experienced in defending Arizona DUI, extreme DUI, and Super Extreme DUI charges

Call (480) 413-1499 today for your Free Consultation. Consult directly with James Novak, an Arizona DUI attorney and Extreme DUI defense Lawyer bout your DUI arrest and DUI charges. The Law Office of James Novak exclusively provides criminal defense and DUI defense representation. James Novak defends Criminal charges and all types of DUI cases including extreme DUI in Arizona.

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