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AZ criminal Attorney, James Novak discusses the criminal defense and the criminal justice system surrounding Arizona drug sales, distribution, and possession laws, drug charges, drug sales arrests, drug sales defenses. James Novak, AZ criminal defense and drug defense attorney explains what an experienced Arizona Drug charge or AZ criminal defense Attorney will do to defend your AZ drug sales, distribution or possession charges.

Arizona Drug Laws

If you face charges or have been arrested in Arizona for drug sales or possession with intent to sell, a conviction will exposed to severe penalties that may include extended prison sentencing. The punishments are far more severe than those penalties for example, drug possession of a small amount of drugs for personal use.

The severity of drug sale or possession with intent to sell charges depends largely on the quantity found in your possession. The quantity found, will be a large factor in determine if the AZ drug charges will be elevated to possession with intent to distribute or drug sales which are far more serious charges.

Whether your arrest or charges were in Tempe AZ, Phoenix AZ, Chandler, AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa, AZ or any city within Maricopa County or other Counties in Arizona makes no difference. Every Arizona City is subject to the laws of the State of Arizona. The definitions, classifications and penalties are comprehensively outlined and fall under the rules of Arizona Revised Statutes: "A.R.S. 13 Chapter 34 DRUG OFFENSES 13-3401...13-3461".

In particular with regard to drug sales refer to "A.R.S. 13-3405. Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification".

The laws are constantly changing. Attorney James Novak defends drug possession charges on a regular basis and is extremely familiar with the laws, defenses, procedures and protocol in the courts throughout Maricopa County, Arizona.

Arizona Drug Sales Charges

Factors the police and prosecution will consider in determining the severity of your charges include but are not limited to the following:

  • Quantity of the substance alleged to be for sale or intended to be sold in your possession
  • Type or classification of the drug
  • Your prior criminal record if any
  • First time or repeat drug offense
  • Strength of the State of Arizona prosecution's evidence and their case against you
  • Other aggravating factors surrounding the charges such as use of a dangerous weapon: selling drugs to minors: and other criminal charges in conjunction with the AZ drug sales, distribution, or possession with "intent to sell".
Arizona Drug Defenses

The fact that a drug was found in your possession and charged does not make you automatically guilty of that charge. There are many defenses that can be used by a good

AZ drug defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Arizona who defends drug charges frequently. One example of a defense involves your knowledge of whether or not you knowingly possessed the drug. According to Arizona Law this can be a major factor as referenced in Arizona Drug Law: "A.R.S. Title 13 Chapter 34 "13-3405. Possession, use, production, sale or transportation of marijuana; classification

A. A person shall not knowingly:

1. Possess..."

If your AZ Drug Attorney can obtained facts or evidence which gives right that you were not knowingly possessing a drug for sale, may lead to a dismissal of your charges. A good private practice criminal defense or drug defense attorney who defends cases frequently in Arizona will gather and examine evidence; conduct their own independent investigation; interview witnesses; interview or depose the police officer who arrested you; determine if there was "probable cause for arrest; confirm if the charges and arrest procedures and protocol were followed, challenge the amount of the drug that was alleged to be for sale or its purpose; examine handling and storage of the substance being held as evidence, utilize experts if needed, determine if any of your constitutional rights were violated, file motions, prepare for and defend you at hearings, or trial, determine which of many defenses can be used based on the circumstances surrounding your charges to get you the best possible outcome in your case.

Many defenses can be utilized by an experienced Arizona criminal defense and drug defense attorney and depend on the circumstances surrounding your particular AZ drug sales charges or AZ drug arrest. One key to a successful defense is early retention of a good criminal defense attorney, or experienced drug sales defense lawyer.

Arizona Drug Sales Attorney –AZ Drug Charges Defense

It is a priority for you to consult and hire the best Arizona drug defense attorney possible with many years of experience and litigation in AZ Drug defense, and AZ criminal defense. You will need a skilled Arizona defense lawyer who will develop a solid defense against your drug charges.

Regardless of the severity, it is crucial that you contact an Arizona criminal defense attorney or AZ drug possession attorney with a vast amount of experience in defending drug Charges in Arizona, such as James Novak, DUI, Drug, and Criminal Defense Attorney. The Firm has been dedicated for years and currently to defending and litigating drug sales, distribution, manufacturing, and other Criminal and DUI charges. James Novak has the skills, knowledge and litigation experience needed to provide strong legal representation for your AZ drug sales or intent to sell drug charges.

When hired, James promptly begins an assertive and comprehensive investigation, gathering and examination of evidence, conducting his own investigation, and challenge the prosecution's evidence and your case against you. If possible he will attempt to get the charges partially or completely dismissed. If this is not possible, he will work to negotiate lesser charges, and use all defenses possible in your case. James Novak will present compelling arguments and seek lesser penalties or order to obtain reduced sentencing and penalties and make every effort to get the best possible outcome in your case.

If you have been charged with any AZ drug charges including but not limited to drug possession, sales, drug possession, drug manufacturing, drug paraphernalia, Drug forgery, Felony Drug, Dangerous Drug, Narcotics, Marijuana, or any other drug charges, in Maricopa County, you should contact the Law Office of James Novak and speak directly with experienced drug defense Attorney James Novak at (480) 413-1499.

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