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If arrested in Arizona for a DUI involving drugs, you may face prosecutions for two separate charges from the city and the county prosecutors' offices. It is important that you contact an Arizona Drug DUI Attorney as soon as possible. The situation is serious. These separate criminal; charges result in two different criminal convictions and DUI sentences. You face charges for DUI if you are found to be under the influence of a legal or illegal drug, a prescription or non-prescription drug, if the police determine the drug or chemical impaired your ability to drive to the slightest degree. You may also face criminal felony charges for possession or using any illegal drugs such as marijuana.

As a former Maricopa County prosecutor James Novak has advised people about their rights if charged with an Arizona DUI involving drugs. Unlike alcohol, the prosecution does not need to prove the percentage of drugs in your blood stream, only that you had some drugs present like marijuana, methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, ecstasy, or other drug.

Defending Charges for an Arizona DUI and Arizona Drug DUI or DUI charges involving drugs

As an experienced Arizona criminal drug DUI defense attorney, James Novak will examine all evidence available to evaluate your case to establish if a challenge the validity of the drug test, search warrant, police informant, wiretap, traffic stop, and probable cause for the arrest is supported by the facts of your Arizona drug DUI offense. The U.S. Constitutional provides you protections against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Experienced Arizona DUI Lawyer and Drug DUI Attorney

The Law Office of James Novak provides clients with a strong and proven representation. He is a former prosecutor who now devotes 100% of his Law Practice in Defending Criminal and DUI cases. His experience, training, and knowledge are unmatched. James Novak is also the author of a series of published books: Arizona DUI Winning Defense Strategies © Books. One is entitled “101 winning Arizona DUI Defenses” ©. He draws from his abundant education, training, experience, knowledge of the law, and understanding of defenses as key to his success in obtaining complete

Call today for your FREE consultation with an Arizona drug DUI Attorney. The Law Office of James Novak handles all DUI types of DUI with drug matters including DUI with prescription or over the counter medications, Drug DUI charges, and DUI with legal or illegal drugs. James Novak defends all types of DUI cases in Arizona. Call today (480) 413-1499 for your Free Consultation. Consult directly with James Novak, Drug DUI, DUI, and Criminal Defense Attorney in Arizona. Serving Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, and surrounding cities in Maricopa county Arizona.

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