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Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Laws
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AZ criminal defense lawyer, James Novak explains the criminal justice system and defenses as they relate to Arizona drug cultivation & manufacturing laws, drug charges, drug cultivation & manufacturing arrests drug cultivation & manufacturing defenses. James Novak, AZ criminal defense and drug defense attorney explains what an experienced Arizona Drug charge or AZ criminal defense Attorney will do to defend your AZ drug cultivation & manufacturing, possession sales or distribution charges.

AZ Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Charges

These charges are different from possession, use and sale, in that you are actually growing, manufacturing, or making the drug itself in preparation for use, sale, distribution, or export. These are extremely serious charges. In fact the Maricopa County Prosecution office has a specially trained department, personnel and attorneys set up to investigate these types of charges. The State of Arizona has task forces especially trained to seek out and arrest offenders and aggressively prosecute them. If you face such charges without an experienced drug cultivation and manufacturing attorney or criminal defense attorney who frequently defends these types of cases, your fate of conviction is certain and swift. Convictions carry hefty penalties including extended jail or prison sentences and costly fines. For these reasons it is critical that you consult and retain an Arizona criminal defense or drug defense attorney such as James Novak at the Law Office of James Novak to represent you. Your chances of getting a good outcome will drastically increase in that event.

Arizona Drug Cultivation and Manufacturing Laws

Whether your arrest or charges were in Tempe AZ, Phoenix AZ, Chandler, AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa, AZ or any city within Maricopa County or other Counties in Arizona makes no difference. Every Arizona City is subject to the laws of the State of Arizona. The definitions, classifications and penalties are comprehensively outlined and fall under the rules of Arizona Revised Statutes: "A.R.S. 13 Chapter 34 DRUG OFFENSES 13-3401...13-3461". More specifically refer to the following:

1) A.R.S. §13-3406; §13-3407; §13-3408 refers to Manufacturing of Drugs Laws

Basically some illegal drugs are not grown, must be chemically produced or manufactured for use for example Methamphetamine or Meth made in what is known as "meth labs". Generally this charge involves multiple offenses such as possession of the items and chemicals used to manufacture the drugs.

2) A.R.S. §13-3405 refers to the Production of Drugs:

This law outlines what is known the "Cultivation" when one knowingly is growing such plants as Marijuana for any purpose whether for personal use, sale, or distribution.

Classification and Penalties

Illegal Drug Manufacturing –Possession: of chemicals to manufacture drugs or actual drug manufacturing charges = Class 1 Misdemeanor to a Class 2 Felony depending on circumstances.

Cultivation or Growth of illegal drug = Range is Class 3 Felony to Class 5 Felony depending on the quantity of the drug found dried. Even cultivation for personal use requires mandatory jail time.

The laws are constantly changing. Attorney James Novak defends drug possession charges on a regular basis and is extremely familiar with the laws, defenses, procedures and protocol in the courts throughout all the courts in Maricopa County, Arizona.

AZ Criminal Attorney: Cultivation & Manufacturing of Drugs Defense

To defend these serious charges you will need to consult and hire the best Arizona drug defense attorney possible with many years of experience and litigation in AZ Drug defense, and AZ criminal defense. You will need an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney to defend you, such as James Novak. He will build a solid defense against your drug charges.

The Law Office of James Novak for years has been dedicated to defending and litigating Arizona drug charges including cultivation and manufacturing criminal charges. James Novak has the skills, knowledge and litigation experience needed to provide strong legal representation for your AZ drug manufacturing and cultivation charge defense. .

When hired, James promptly begins an assertive and comprehensive investigation, gathering and examination of evidence, conducting his own investigation, and challenges the prosecution's evidence and your case against you. If possible he will attempt to get the charges partially or completely dismissed. If this is not possible, he will work to negotiate lesser charges, and use all defenses possible in your case. James Novak will present compelling arguments and seek lesser penalties or order to obtain reduced sentencing and penalties and make every effort to get the best possible outcome in your case.

If you have been charged with any AZ drug charges including but not limited to drug possession, cultivation, drug possession, drug manufacturing, possession of drug paraphernalia, Drug forgery, Felony Drug, Dangerous Drug, Narcotics, Marijuana, or any other drug charges, in Maricopa County, you should contact the Law Office of James Novak and speak directly with experienced drug defense Attorney James Novak at (480) 413-1499.

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