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AZ criminal Attorney, James Novak explains the criminal justice system, AZ drug penalties and sentencing, Drug and criminal defenses, AZ drug laws, AZ drug charges, drug arrests in Arizona, drug defenses, and explain what a good Arizona Drug charge or AZ criminal defense Attorney will do to defend your AZ drug charges in an attempt to avoid a conviction.

AZ Drug Charges

Arizona drug penalties are some of the toughest in the country. They are the most severe for repeat offenders. This is the case whether the charges involves drug possession, drug sales, drug distribution, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing or cultivation, drug transportation or drug importation, or any other drug charges. There is in fact a diversion program for first time simple possession of drugs for use. It sets aside the charges pending completion of a court ordered drug program. If completed successfully, the charges will be dismissed. However, you must qualify for it based on certain set of criteria, including having never participated in the program before. You must be invited into the program by the Prosecution and Court. And it is only available for first time offenders of simple possession for use in most circumstances. Even then is not automatic, and it is best to have a strong defense to help get you that second chance and make every attempt to get the charges dismissed, or in the least to qualify you for the diversion program.

Arizona Drug Laws

Whether your arrest or charges were in Tempe AZ, Phoenix AZ, Chandler, AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Gilbert AZ, Mesa, AZ or any city within Maricopa County or other Counties in Arizona makes no difference. Every Arizona City is subject to the laws of the State of Arizona. The definitions, classifications and penalties are comprehensively outlined and fall under the rules of Arizona Revised Statutes: OA.R.S. 13 Chapter 34 DRUG OFFENSES: 13-3401 to 13-3461. .

Arizona Drug Penalties

Circumstances surrounding your AZ drug importation charges will dictate the severity of the penalties and sentencing for a conviction which could include but is not limited to the following penalties:

  • Mandatory Incarceration in jail or prison
  • Mandatory Drug Treatment Program at your expense
  • Probation
  • Community Service
  • Potential Suspension or Revocation of your License
  • Criminal Record
  • Loss of the right to Possess a Firearm
  • Loss of Employment and Future job opportunities
  • Fines (sometimes exorbitant) Fees, Costs
  • Adverse impact to Credit eligibility
  • Seizure of your personal property
Criminal Attorney Arizona | Defending Drug Charges

The fact that you were charged or arrested for a crime does not make you automatically guilty of that drug crime. Your drug case can be defended by a good AZ drug defense lawyer or criminal defense attorney in Arizona who defends drug charges frequently. Here is one example of a defense: Arizona State Law dictates that you must have knowledge of a drug in your possession. What if you borrowed a friendOs car, because yours was getting repaired; they you were stopped by police for a minor traffic infraction and police noticed drugs in the vehicle for which you had no idea existed or were in the vehicle. You legitimately did not know the concealed illegal drugs were in your friendOs car. Should you be held responsible and receive criminal charges in this event? If you were not OknowinglyO being in possession or transporting the drugs, nor did you know they existed your Arizona drug charges should be dismissed. There are many defenses that can be used depending on the case facts. Below are some common defenses. This list is not inclusive:

  • Violations of your Constitutional Rights
  • Entrapment issues
  • Challenge of amount alleged to be in your possession
  • Mishandling of evidence in storage or transport by the prosecution
  • Police did not follow proper protocol in the arrest
  • The reason for the stop by police was unlawful or illegal
  • There was no "probable cause" for your arrest

But the police, court and prosecution will disregard your story if you try to tell it unrepresented by a good private practice criminal defense attorney. In fact you may incriminate yourself further by answering the investigatorOs questions. You will need to consult the best Arizona criminal defense or drug defense attorney you can find to tell your story, to build and mount and present a strong defense. Such an attorney can be found at the Law Office of James Novak. James Novak, Attorney at Law has with many years of experience in criminal, DUI, and drug litigation and in AZ Drug defense, and AZ criminal defense. You will need a skilled Arizona defense lawyer who will develop a solid defense against your drug charges, like James Novak, Arizona Criminal Defense, DUI and Drug defense Attorney. He will present your side of the story through the proper legal channels. He will conduct his own investigation, examine the evidence, interview witnesses if needed, and build a strong defense against the prosecution. James Novak will present compelling arguments and seek lesser penalties or order to obtain reduced sentencing and penalties and make every effort to get the best possible outcome in your case

James Novak is a former Arizona prosecutor with over a decade of litigation experience. For years his firm has been devoted 100% to defending criminal, DUI, and Drug charges of all kinds. He will do what ever is possible to attempt to get the charges partially or completely dismissed. If this is not possible, he will work to negotiate lesser charges, and use all defenses possible in your case.

If you have been charged with any AZ drug charges including but not limited to drug possession, drug importation, drug cultivation, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing, drug paraphernalia, drug Sales, felony drug charges, Dangerous Drugs, Narcotics, Marijuana, or any other drug charges, in Maricopa County, you should contact the Law Office of James Novak and speak directly with experienced drug defense Attorney James Novak at (480) 413-1499. Your Initial consultation is free and always confidential.

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