Defenses for Aggravated Domestic Violence | Assault Charges

Aggravated Domestic Violence (Felony) Defense Attorney, Tempe AZ

Defenses for Aggravated Domestic Violence (Felony | Felony Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Aggravated Domestic Violence (Felony) | Assault Charges

If you were arrested or face Aggravated Domestic Violence Charges, in Arizona, it is extremely important that you consult an experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney regarding your charges. It is unwise to make any attempts to contact the alleged victim. It does not matter if the alleged victim decides not to press charges. Once the police have decided to make the arrest or bring charges, the State of Arizona then has authority to pursue a conviction for the charges, regardless of whether or not the victim wishes to pursue them. To preserve your rights and defenses you should retain a private practice criminal defense attorney to represent you in the matter.

Defenses for Felony/Aggravated Domestic Violence | Assault Charges

Every criminal case holds its own unique circumstances. Below are some of the most common defenses used to defend aggravated domestic violence offenses depending on the facts:

  1. Self-Defense;
  2. Victim provoked the defendant with aggression, violence, threats or intimidation;
  3. You were protecting a child or vulnerable adult who could not protect themselves;
  4. The incident was an unintentional accident;
  5. Lack of witnesses or no eye-witnesses to testify;
  6. Conflicting or False allegations;
  7. Lack of witnesses, raise “reasonable doubt”;
  8. Lack evidence raises “reasonable doubt”;
  9. Victim’s injuries were self-inflicted;
  10. Constitutional Rights or Miranda violations by police

Defenses are tailored to the specific details surrounding the charges. You should always allow an experienced and qualified criminal defense attorney to challenge the evidence or argue these defenses on your behalf. Defenses are the most effective when they are used properly through the Criminal justice system according to criminal rules of procedures, by an experienced criminal lawyer.

Felony Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer –Tempe AZ

It is important to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you for you for Aggravated Domestic Violence (Felony) Charges to challenge evidence and raise arguments in your defense. This is true even if you feel that your case is strong and the charges are unjustified. Your criminal defense attorney will tell your story, and be your legal advocate, though all the stages of the criminal justice system. The Law Office of James Novak, PLLC criminal defense firm, provides legal representation for Aggravated Domestic Violence (Felony) Charges and Aggravated Domestic Assault charges. James Novak, is a former Prosecutor for Maricopa County DUI & Criminal Charges. He has a vast amount of trial and experience in defending criminal charges. He will protect your rights; defend your charges; and strive to get the best possible outcome in your case. Law Office of James Novak defends charges in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, AZ and surrounding cities. Call today for your Free Consultation with James Novak, experienced DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney in Maricopa County. Call now for your free consultation at (480) 413-1499.

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