Arizona DUI & Criminal Law

Arizona DNA Testing Laws
DNA evidence may be found on suspect if they touch the victim or an object at the crime scene. It is believed that DNA exists in all cells in the human body and its systems. This includes hair, blood, skin, or other bodily secretions...Read more.

Miranda Rights
Among a host of other fundamental civil rights, the Arizona Phoenix police must inform you of your “right to remain silent” and the “right to an attorney” following an arrest for a Phoenix DUI or Criminal Charges....Read more.

Phoenix Arraignment
Before the Court can consider your case, you must enter a plea. An Arraignment provides an opportunity for you to enter an initial plea for your charges. You should consult an experienced AZ criminal defense or...Read more.

Criminal Rights
It is a good idea to know your rights, before you are charged or arrested, for a DUI or crime in Maricopa County. Most of your basic criminal rights originate from three sources...Read more.

Court Jurisdiction Arizona
If you were arrested for DUI or any other crime in Arizona you will be given notice of your next court appearance or your Arraignment date. Unless you have hired an Arizona criminal defense lawyer...Read more.

Arizona Superior Court Criminal Case Procedures - Felonies
“Having your case heard in Superior court is a serious matter. It usually means you are being accused of Arizona Felony charges. Many Defendants feel overwhelmed by complexities of the AZ Superior Court procedures. You...Read more.

Arrest Warrant - Failure to Appear
If you fail to appear to a scheduled court date, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. This is also known as a bench warrant. The court date included on your “summons” or complaint” will include information you will...Read more.

How to Plea in Criminal Court
Deciding what type of initial plea to enter in Maricopa County Criminal Courts is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Each plea has a consequence. You should become familiar with the types of pleas you...Read more.

Criminal Case Scratched
Let’s say you were scheduled to appear for your first court date in Maricopa County Superior Court, either Phoenix Criminal Court or Mesa Criminal Court in Arizona. Then upon arrival you learn that your criminal case...Read more.

Arizona Criminal Time Limitations
“Arizona Criminal Time Limitations” relate to the maximum limit of time the State of Arizona has to bring forth criminal charges against a suspect. (This is not to be confused with the time limits for...Read more.

Speedy Trial Rights Arizona
“Speedy trial rights” refer to the maximum time limit for which an Arizona criminal or DUI trial must commence. (“Speedy trial rights” does not refer to how fast a trial is from start to end; nor should it be confused with...Read more.

Probable Cause for Arrest
“Probable cause” is the standard required for a law enforcement officer to make an arrest as it relates to DUI or other criminal charges. Although there is no standard explicit definition of probable cause, the standard is judicially recognized based on the merits of any given case.Read More.

Aggravated and Mitigated Factors in Sentencing
Aggravated factors are those circumstances that make a crime more serious. In turn, the penalties imposed are more severe for the conviction...Read More.

Arizona Sentencing Factors and Guidelines
Sentencing factors are aspects surrounding the defendant or their criminal case that can influence penalties for a conviction. The Court may impose penalties that are more lenient or more severe, within a sentencing range based on these factors...Read More.